Jeremy Meltzer

i=Change Founder, Entrepreneur and Keynote Presenter

Jeremy Meltzer is a socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneur and expert in ‘business for purpose'. He is the Founder of i=Change, the world's first cause-marketing platform and Australia's fastest-growing social enterprise tech startup. i=Change has partnered with global brands, who give back from every sale and uniquely empower their customers to choose where it goes. The company has positively impacted the lives of over 90,000 people in 14 countries.

An insightful keynote speaker, Jeremy clearly articulates the power of authenticity, the opportunity for ‘radical transparency', and how the ‘purpose economy' is reshaping business to meet the values and expectations of millennial consumers. Additionally, he explains the fast growing ‘experience economy' - why this is not a trend - and how it is powerfully elevating brands beyond their competition.

More about Jeremy Meltzer:

At age 21, Jeremy lived in Cuba, where he became acutely aware of many issues facing women and girls. In an effort to understand these complex issues, he has since travelled to over 22 countries to meet NGO's that work with women and girls. In doing so, he discovered the opportunity to unlock massive social and economic benefits across entire communities, however he realised it needed to be funded.

After leaving Cuba, Jeremy began an olive oil business with his father in 2005, called Yellingbo Gold. Seizing the opportunity to be the first Australian extra virgin olive oil in the US, Jeremy grew Yellingbo into a successful brand sold across 40 US states.

Yet while Jeremy cooked with Martha Stewart, was featured in The Washington Post, Boston Globe and New York Times, he never forgot the issue he wished to impact, and looked for a way Yellingbo could give back.
Jeremy imagined a new model. What if, instead of asking customers to donate, Yellingbo made the donation and customers, after checking out, could simply choose where they wanted the donation to go? What if digital tools could be used to show in real-time how much was raised and its impact?

No tech platform of this kind existed. Jeremy decided to build it. After failing, refining, learning and launching, i=Change is now the first cause-marketing solution of its kind, a tech platform that turns ecommerce into a 'force for good'. i=Change powerfully bridges the divide between what most businesses don't do, and what consumers - especially millenials - are now insisting brands must do.

The company became Australia's fastest-growing social enterprise tech startup, and now, with global brands onboard, is creating positive change across 14 countries and impacting the lives of over 90,000 people.
A social entrepreneur and expert in ‘business for purpose, Jeremy Meltzer has featured in The New York Times, Esquire, InStyle, The Collective and on the front cover of NAB's Business View magazine. He has spoken globally on social enterprise, using business as a force for good, and the importance of investing in women and girls.

Jeremy Meltzer talks about:

i=Change: purpose, millennials & the business of giving back

The i=Change journey inspires and challenges audiences to re-imagine what's possible in their lives and business. This is the story of how Jeremy turned a 3am idea into Australia's fastest-growing social enterprise tech startup and why this consumer-driven movement is now demanding business becomes a ‘force for good', to help solve the most pressing social issues of our time.

This century's greatest opportunity: unleashing the potential of women and girls

The greatest drivers of economic growth this century lie in unlocking the potential of women and girls. The UN calls this the ‘greatest issue and opportunity of our time'. Jeremy shares his experiences that drove him to build a business that would help unlock women and girls' potential globally. He explains the global movement and how early adoption by progressive businesses will reap the greatest rewards.

Client testimonials

Dynamic, passionate, purveyor of a great story made relevant for our audience. Our team was very inspired! Status Investments Far exceeded my expectations. Would strongly recommend this training.

Trade Commissioner & Consul General The Australian Trade Commission, Atlanta

A very inspiring talk. Many of his words stayed with me for days. I am now looking at my business in a new and exciting light. Three Points Recruitment Powerful and insightful. I have learnt a lot today.


Jeremy Meltzer's one day executive presentation skills training module was one of the most useful and effective training days I have ever undertaken.

The Australian Trade Commission, Europe & The Middle East

If only our people devoted themselves as much, we'd all be millionaires! Sincerity, integrity, vision, combined with gritty determination... A great talk with great lessons to share.


A genuinely charismatic speaker on a subject increasingly important to businesses, their customers and staff. Jeremy is one of the very few able to connect the dots and inspire audiences to understand the business rationale for having a clear 'purpose beyond profit', and explain this fast-growing global movement and the opportunity.

Inside Retail Live

Jeremy’s story was inspirational and moving. He clearly and effectively articulated this growing movement and the opportunity. His innovative business model to create social change through corporate ‘giving’, helps my team understand the benefits and impact our customers could have on extremely worthwhile causes around the world. Jeremy has a natural and very engaging presentation style, which stirred many positive emotions within my team and myself. We're promoting his worthy business across our customer base.