James O’Loghlin

Entertaining Media Host, Comedian, MC & Facilitator

James O'Loghlin is an extraordinarily entertaining and versatile corporate entertainer, with a strong media identity having worked in television and radio.

He is best known as the curious, thought-provoking and humorous host of 300 episodes of The New Inventors on ABC-TV, an experience that fuelled his interest in innovation.

A natural comedian with a warm and friendly approach, James is a highly-polished MC, panel facilitator, after dinner entertainer and keynote speaker, who delivers the perfect mix of laughter, entertainment and substance.

As an MC, he communicates salient points and draws laughs from whatever is happening, all the time running the event in an efficient and appropriate manner. As a panel facilitator he puts panelists at ease yet never fails to keep discussions both informative and entertaining. Drawing on his experience as a radio and television host and ex-criminal lawyer, he knows exactly how to ask the right questions at the right time.

As comedian, keynote and after-dinner speaker, James tells the story of his life in a way that is both very funny and relevant for business. His messages are appropriate for all industry sectors and all ages, and stress the importance of making hard choices and challenging yourself, and not accepting the status quo just because it seems like the easiest option. Whether your audience need 30 or 40 minutes of laughter to unwind after a long day, anecdotes and practical tips about how to become more innovative, or a mixture of both, James can create a tailor-made speech that hits exactly the right note.

More about James O'Loghlin:

James went to a private school, studied law at university and became a corporate lawyer. After realising that he had made a terrible mistake, he threw himself into stand-up comedy, and left corporate law to become a criminal lawyer. Through the 1990s he had two parallel careers; criminal lawyer by day, and comedian by night. He juggled both with television appearances on Good News Week, Hey, Hey It's Saturday and more, while also working as a writer for Andrew Denton on his Triple M breakfast show, and at the Logies. In 1999, he finally left the law.

As well as all his other commitments, James has hosted Sunday Evenings with James O'Loghlin on ABC Local Radio since 2009. He is also the author of several books including How to Balance Your Life, Umm ... A Complete Guide to Public Speaking, and Andy's Secret Weapon, a story for children.

James O'Loghlin talks about:

Innovation is a State of Mind (Keynote) - How often do you have days when you are so busy you don't have time to think? Days when there isn't one spare moment to think about how you can improve the way that you do things? No matter how well your business is doing today, if you keep doing things the same way, in 10 years' time - maybe less - you will have been left behind. To stay relevant and successful, businesses need to keep coming up with better ways of doing things. In eight years hosting The New Inventors ex-Australian lawyer James O'Loghlin met hundreds of people who thought outside the box and came up with new and better ways of doing things.

During this corporate keynote, James will talk about:

  • Why every business needs to be continually innovating and how individuals can do it
  • The three things innovators do better than everyone else, and five things every business can do to build a workplace culture that encourages innovation

Innovation is Your State of Mind (Workshop) - In this dynamic follow up workshop, participants apply those principles to create and grow their own ideas to improve their business. This 1 hour to half-day workshop will get delegates identifying opportunities, solving problems and thinking on their feet as they are challenged to unleash their creativity and think up develop new ideas to make their business better. Delegates will leave armed with the necessary tools to impart real change within their organisations, for years to come.

Takeaways from the session include:

  • A large number of thought through and practical ideas that the business can implement
  • The growth of a new culture that fosters innovation and collaboration
  • Each delegate will have a new found belief in his or her ability to 'think up' ways of doing things better, and know how to grow and use their ideas

Balanced in an Unbalanced World (Keynote) - These days we are busier than ever before. In the old days when you walked out of the office that was the end of work until tomorrow. Now, we are connected, contactable and accountable 24/7. That can create stress, burnout and the feeling that we are barely coping, let alone thriving. It's more important than ever before to be able to step back and form a plan to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle and a productive work/life balance.

In this keynote James, author of How to Balance Your Life and Innovation is a State of Mind will discuss:

  • The benefits of a balanced life
  • How to assess and identify areas of your life that are out of balance, and then form and implement a plan to change
  • Specific strategies to increase your productivity and get more done in less time
  • How to set priorities to ensure that you thrive at work whilst having enough time for the things outside work that are important
  • How to use new technology to help you do your work better and more productively, without becoming its' slave
  • How to take small, incremental steps to get the life you have closer to the life you want

Client testimonials

Excellent. We were very impressed with how he integrated aspects of some of the other speeches into his presentation which was very amusing as well as giving some food for thought. He was very approachable and down to earth - an excellent dinner guest.

Engineers Australia

Excellent. James excelled as master of ceremonies for the 2008 NRW Natural Resources Conference. His facilitation of the panel discussion was particularly impressive.

Department of Natural Resources and Water

Thank you for your fantastic “MC” services…your cool, calm and collected style not only kept us highly amused, but kept everything and everybody else under control!

The Starlight Foundation

Our clientele varies greatly in tastes and background and your professionalism and ability to connect with and entertain audiences was greatly appreciated. You were one of the standout comedians.

The Harbourside Brasserie

Excellent. Extremely amusing and an excellent ability to work the audience.

Telstra Retail – Finance

Excellent. James is a highly professional entertainer. His performance was outstanding.

Australian Venture Capital Association

An enormous thank you. Your comedy section was a highlight of the evening’s entertainment…the act was great: well chosen, clever and above all funny. We had a great deal of positive feedback about the evening in general, and your performance in particular. We’d be happy to recommend you.

Young Cancerians Sydney Committee

You were fantastic on the night and targeted your act perfectly to the audience. I’ve had terrific feedback from the guests, who all thought you were very witty & entertaining. I will definitely recommend you to everyone.

Resourceful Events

Thank you for working your magic as MC last Monday at the NSW Premier’s Awards. We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response regarding the awards ceremony with many mentioning just how much they appreciated your work.

NSW Department of Health

Thank you so much for your wonderful compering of the Smart Awards. You were fantastic and everyone enjoyed your humour, style and professionalism. We look forward to working with you again in the future.