Ian Schubach

Business & Leadership Consultant & Keynote Speaker

Ian Schubach is a former African Safari Guide and adventurer, and a business and leadership consultant who is renowned for delivering impressive outcomes in leadership and team development, engagement, and culture change.

Drawing on his experience as a Safari Guide, and with a strong belief that teams can learn from the wild, Ian is a dynamic keynote speaker who expertly links the law of the jungle to the wild, unpredictable and sometimes predatory world of business. In the process, he examines how African animals maintain their competitive advantage. Ian Schubach demonstrates how the survival and success of each animal is anchored in its habits and behaviours -and how this is the case in business and life too.

More about Ian Schubach:

Ian Schubach is a business consultant and the co-founder of Red Leaf, a highly successful Australian leadership consultancy. It's this experience, alongside his experience as an African Safari Guide, that has given him a unique understanding of business and nature, and how the two can mirror and benefit each other.

Ian has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations and he has designed and facilitated leadership events in Australia, Asia, Europe, South Africa and the United States.

By identifying and describing the four habits and behaviours of iconic African animals - the lion, elephant, leopard and giraffe - Ian creates lasting analogies that teach people to become better leaders and build more effective teams.

Using dramatic wildlife imagery and gripping story-telling ability, Ian engages and thrills his audiences. His presentations are full of sound business sense interlaced with humour. They cover key teamwork themes such as communication, goal setting and synergy. Audiences leave enthralled and repeat the stories to friends and colleagues, resulting in immense take-home business value from the wild.

Ian Schubach speaks about:

The Nature of Success - Africa contains some of the most complex and competitive ecosystems on the planet. The animals that live within this ecosystem are subject to rapid change and intense competition. Ian identified the habits and behaviours that give each species the competitive advantage they need to thrive in even the most hostile conditions.

In his presentation, The Nature of Success, Ian explores how business teams can learn from the behaviours and characteristics of the following leaders of the wild to create sustained success in difficult environments.

• Lion - Teamwork
• Elephant -Communication
• Leopard - Adaptation
• Giraffe - Leadership

Ian combines personal stories with spectacular images in his presentation, which provides enormous benefits that will relate to both the work place and the home.

Client testimonials

Thank you for presenting the most relevant and practical workshop I have ever attended, which was both inspirational and motivational. I remember all the messages from the session and have applied them immediately upon my return to work.

Flight Centre

Thousands of people could talk to us about values and teamwork, but you actually showed us and let us experience it for ourselves. The response has been very positive; the participants immediately applied the learning’s on an individual and team level. This visually impressive program was one of the best we've ever seen.

Seagate Technologies

It was amazing to observe the team moving from the start of the day where they were visibly acting as individuals, then small teams, moving to a 'one team' approach. This has been brilliant, and has transferred back to the office, with everyone being a lot more open and communicative. VERY EFFECTIVE INDEED.

Commonwealth Bank Australia

The Peak Teams exercise was brilliant and like nothing I have experienced in 20 years in retail. Our people felt connected to the experience and gained real insight into the value of diverse skills in the team.

Telstra Customer Sales and Service Conference

A brilliant concept that was fun and very instructive. I learned a lot about myself and the fact that limitations are applied by ‘self’ and are not born from others.



Westpac Banking Corporation