Ian Hutchinson and Donald Mackee CPRFriendly

Life-Saving CPR Keynote Speaker, Trainers & Entertainers

WARNING! Saving Lives Has Never Been So Much FUN!

Ian Hutchinson knows what it's like to be dead. In 2018, while out bike riding with his mate Donald MacKee, he died, and remained dead for 19 long minutes!

Unlike 91% of those who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest, Ian was fortunate to survive, thanks to Donald's quick thinking CPR skills.

Life-Saving Educational Energisers - That Will Have You Laughing & Learning!

As a highly professional and entertaining duo, Ian and Don get your audience well and truly warmed up before, during or after your event's main act with some fantastic, highly interactive, hilarious educational energisers ... and in the process, they'll teach them how to do CPR.... In fact, their act at your event will probably help save another life, another day.

Corporates, government, community groups and schools will all reap the life-saving benefits from this talented, entertaining and informative dynamic duo that are out to create heart smart and CPR friendly workplaces and communities.

After Being Dead for 19 Minutes - Our Goal Is To Now Make Sure You Aren't!

Ian Hutchinson regarded himself as a fit and healthy 50 something. Apart from being a three time Ironman, he walked the dog each morning and went on bike rides or to the gym most days. He'd never smoked and rarely drank alcohol.

In September 2018, while bike riding with longtime mate Donald MacKee, he became one of the lucky only 9% to survive an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest.

Following his recovery, Ian and Don founded CPRfriendly.org in memory of, and on behalf of, the 91% less fortunate that don't survive. To help turn those statistics around, they are, through CPRfriendly.org, on a quest to get everyone CPR friendly and have more access to public defibrillators.

Ian Hutchinson and Donald MacKee Speak about:

Ian Hutchinson is a powerful keynote speaker and trainer, who has been recognised by Professional Speakers Australia as ‘Educator of the Year'. Together with Donald MacKee, one of the country's best MC's, comedians and entertainers, they are now on the quest to teach the life-saving skills of CPR in a fun and engaging way, and to help save even more lives.

Ian and Don deliver the unlikely experience between them of being a sudden cardiac arrest survivor and a CPR rescuer. Through engaging keynotes or a combination of a series of educational energisers, this dynamic duo creatively embeds:

• Heart-felt CPR training that's interactive with a fun twist
• Their story of a real life 000 emergency phone call and lessons learnt
• How and why defibrillators save lives.
• Resilience strategies for post traumatic growth vs PTS.
• Strategies to overcome adversity and turn negatives into positives.
• Opportunities to play the game of life for the bigger picture with greater purpose.


Client testimonials

Your energy and humour were exactly right for our audience - in fact I think you read them like a book all day! They can be a tough crowd but you had them engaged from the first moment. I've already had lots of requests to bring you in again so I hope you liked us too!

Coca-Cola Amatil

Having worked at Nitro Circus for many years, I can honestly say the guys from CPRfriendly are awesome - engaging, hilarious but heart-felt with real take away learning. Who would have ever thought that CPR training could be so entertaining and fun with these guys at the helm – Laughing while learning doesn’t get much better. So, if you don’t have time to get everyone CPR certified then these quick CPR friendly educational energisers are the way to go!

NSW Paramedic

Your performance was nothing short of outstanding. Your ability to grasp the group in your hand from the start and keep them until the very end was incredible. So many of the group were talking at dinner about the topics you covered and the fun they had in your presentation.


Excellent ! Uses humour well throughout the presentation to maintain high energy and lighthearted atmosphere while still detailing important life-saving strategies. Good practical application that hit the mark.