A hoax act mixing hypnotism, pop & opera

Surprise Entertainment has gone to a whole new level with this unique live act!

Tonight your special guest is world-renowned Hypnotist Ivan Lendl (not the tennis player).

Watch in fear as he chooses volunteers from among your guests! Watch in delight as he transforms them into rock singers, opera stars, dancers, comedians and more!

Don't book a hypnotist for your next function - go one step further and book HypnoTWIST, the latest hoax act from the creators of The Three Waiters. By the time your guests realise they've been had by HypnoTWIST, they'll be having far too much fun to care...

HypnoTWIST is the latest corporate entertainment sensation - a hybrid of hypnotism, pop and opera.

About HypnoTWIST:

The HypnoTWIST team comprises experienced entertainers Simon Pryce, Tyran Parke and Vanessa Scammell combined with the extraordinary talents of Brian Langsworth, whose hoaxing hypnotic skills remain unsurpassed.

Simon Pryce, Tyran Parke and Vanessa Scammell have all enjoyed long and successful careers in the entertainment industry with shows such as 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Cats', 'South Pacific', 'Witches of Eastwick' and 'Oliver.'

All have worked extensively in the corporate entertainment arena with acts such as The Three Waiters and Swing City. Simon Pryce was also an original creator and director of the successful corporate act, The Rat Pack's Back.

Client testimonials

HypnoTWIST was a huge hit with our Jelly Baby Ball guests. An on-line survey following the ball rated HypnoTWIST as one of the highlights of the night. Bold, cheeky, classy and completely surprising in its entirety, the performance kept everyone swinging between awe and incredulity, right up to the last note.

Jelly Baby Ball 2005

HypnoTWIST did a great job entertaining our guests. The range of songs sung was fantastic; all well known and a great selection. You could see guests sitting there wondering “Is this for real!?”, “Could that have been me!?” If you want something that’s a bit different, lots of fun and that will keep your guests entertained, look no further than HypnoTWIST!

Bruce Lynton Charity Ball 2005

I had the enormous pleasure of being totally sucked in, and duped by the three brilliant young talents. Anyone wanting something a little different for their evening’s entertainment couldn’t do better than to hire these hilarious villains. Do yourself a favour, and check em out!

Barry H Crocker AM