Homer Papantonio

The Corporate Imposter

Homer Papantonio is widely acclaimed as Australia's premier comic speechmaker and corporate humourist.

As The Corporate Impostor, Homer delivers presentations as a unique character created specifically for an event under the guise of an overseas industry expert or guru.

Since hoaxing over five hundred bearded Zoo Directors at an International Zoological Conference in 1994 to delivering the opening keynote at Microsoft's Company Kick Off in place of Bill Gates to more recently being proclaimed as NASA's Director of Surface Operations for the 2015 Mars mission at the Australasian Geological Symposium, Homer has successfully created over one thousand unique comic characters across Australia, as well as on over 20 international tours, with each character carefully tailored for his audiences.

Meticulous in his research and in his attention to detail, Homer targets the key issues of any profession or organisation as well as addressing the central theme of an event to ensure that he can educate, entertain and inspire the audience. Preparation can include writing and re-writing often to suit topical issues occurring both in Australia and overseas.

A tailored visual presentation accompanies all character creations, creating a very unique, intimate, theatrical keynote presentation involving thought-provoking themes, storylines and humour.

Homer's fastidiously crafted characters and presentations have resulted in independent post-performance client evaluations on his last 1000 engagements over a decade of a 99% 'Excellent' rating.

Audiences are taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride as they are gently fooled into unquestioning acceptance of the bona-fide industry expert's credentials, wisdom and constructive insights.

Homer Papantonio's seamless blending of character, substance, relevance and humour has made him one of Australia's most sought-after corporate humourists. That's why the Corporate Impostor is guaranteed to be the highlight of your entire event.

Client testimonials

The response was overwhelming and the standing ovation you received was testament to your outstanding performance” You mixed humour with insight and it was very evident that you had researched the content and made it extremely relevant to our target audience

Device Technologies National Conference

Absolutely fantastic…..wonderful to work with …. delegates were completely immersed in his character portrayal. Some were still confused even after the reveal… would definitely recommend you

Heritage Bank National Conference

Thank you so much …you added terrific perspective to our event…you were brilliant

National Industry Skills Council Conference

Undoubtedly the best entertainment I have ever seen in 20 years of conferencing. Excellent humour supported by well researched subject matter

Australian Organic Recycling Association Awards Dinner

You were totally believable, witty, humorous, engaging and educational. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you for any conference as you catered exactly to our needs.

2013 Just For Pets Australia - National Conference

It was great …very entertaining and a great way to close our conference

Australian Super Yacht Marine Export Conference

A big thank you…we have had nothing but positive feedback about your performance

AFL Chairman’s Luncheon

You were a hit ….. A great mixture of expertise, knowledge, fun and dynamic interaction ..it was with your help that our dream became a reality

Inaugural Project Management Institute Conference

Fantastic ….in front of a high-calibre multinational audience of scientists and engineers, it was a refreshing change to have entertainment of such high quality. Tears of laughter….many thanks.

Carbon Fibre Future Directions International Conference

A huge hit …the ultimate professional and the best keynote speaker with a twist we’ve ever witnessed. Our delegates are still talking about his brilliant performance

Liquor Legends National Conference