Helen Street

Applied Social Psychologist, Educator & Speaker

Dr Helen Street is an applied social psychologist who has a passion for education and improving the mental health of Australians, young and old.

Known as a trouble maker and agitator, she challenges the norms and the zeitgeist of our social world in hope of building a better future.

Among many influential roles in education, Dr Helen Street is the Founder and Co-Chair of The Positive Schools Initiative.

Dr Helen Street is also an author, presenter and educational consultant with a background in applied social psychology and mental health. Her work exploring wellbeing, engagement and motivation in young people has been presented internationally. She presents at schools, colleges and educational events; and writes regularly for Educational publications including Western Teacher magazine and The Positive Times

Helen has worked in the popular media and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. She was the show psychologist for The Circle from 2011 until the show finished in 2012 and appeared on The Today Show, Kerri-Anne and The Project. She has also been a regular guest for PowerFM as well as an expert guest on the ABC's The World Today.

Helen has written numerous academic papers and contributed chapters to three books on social emotional learning. In addition, she has authored two books on wellbeing and stress management (Standing without Shoes and Life Overload) and co-edited Better Than OK with Neil Porter.

Helen is one of the original creators of The Positive Schools Initiative in addition to being a regular presenter at the events. The incredible success of the events worldwide is a satisfying reflection of her passion to improve wellbeing in young people.

As well as being the Co-Chair of The Positive Schools Initiative, she is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, Graduate School of Education; Chair of Positive Schools Conferences; Co-creator and Conference Chair of The Positive Schools Initiative; Director of the National Australian Positive Schools Initiative and an Adjunct Research Consultant with WA Health Dept. Centre for Clinical Interventions.

Originally from the UK, Helen is based in Perth with her partner and their three daughters. In her spare time she likes to paint, hangout with her family, eat good food and watch Masterchef.

Dr Helen Street talks on the topics of:

  • Putting wellbeing into context: Self-help and happiology is all around us in the form of books, programs, courses and word of mouth ideas. Yet, despite this growing fashion to seek happiness, we are an increasingly distressed nation of adults and children. Never has mental health been such a major issue and a major concern. It is time we understood wellbeing within the context of our lives rather than as an additional skill to be acquired. It does not matter how theoretically versed we are, we need to challenge and change the context of our school life, home life and working life, if we are to genuinely improve our wellbeing.
  • Motivation: Rather than ask how we can get ourselves more motivated, we need to ask how we can become motivated in the right way... Talks about the need to develop intrinsic motivation rather than rely on extrinsic rewards.&
  • Engagement: How to increase engagement in learning in the classroom and/or at work and at home; and why it is important
  • Cohesion: How to develop cohesion in social settings - i.e. positive relationships and a sense of belonging; and why it matters.
  • Honesty and the development of trust: Everyone lies every-day to ensure they fit into society; so how can we learn trust and honesty?
  • Stress management: Why we need to stop building psychological armor and start living differently
  • Social Issues impacting on Mental Health eg advertising, social media, marketing, movies

Client testimonials

Although many don't realise it, Dr. Helen Street is an important person in almost all our lives as she strives to research and implement crucial issues in the area of positive education. Even more than this Helen communicates her work in a wonderfully practical and applicable way. I very much encourage anyone interested in education and parenting to familiarise themselves with what she's saying because the more we all utilise her work the more we'll have happy and healthy children.

Dr Tim Sharp, CEO, The Happiness Institute