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Our Health & Lifestyle Speakers are experts in improving, maintaining and protecting our most precious asset: our health. Here at Celebrity Speakers we have over 40 years of experience within the industry so we can guarantee our Health and Lifestyle speakers are some of the best in the business. The Health and Lifestyle personalities we represent are talented individuals from all over the globe who are ready to perform at your event. Whether it’s a private, public or professional function our inspiring Health and Lifestyle speakers will please even the most difficult of audiences.

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If you’re looking for an inspiring and talented speaker or entertainer for your event Celebrity Speakers has you covered. As Australia’s largest premier speakers’ bureau, Celebrity Speakers has the largest talent pool available in Australia of professional business speakers ready to present at any event whether it’s a public, private or professional function. Our talented speakers are guaranteed to provide amazing entertainment to impress even the toughest of audiences. Our speakers can provide any kind of entertainment from professional business seminars, motivational speeches, health and lifestyle advice all the way to stand up comedy and magic shows.

If you want to be motivated, educated or even just have a good laugh, you’ve found the perfect place! With 5000 registered personalities, we can ensure we have the right person for you, search our entire list and get to know some of the entertainers we represent or call us and let us get to know exactly what you’re looking for. With over 40 years of experience Celebrity Speakers guarantees that we have the perfect health and lifestyle speaker for you, your guests and your event. Over our 4 decades of experience we have advised the country’s leading corporate organisations and associations on entertainers, MCs and speakers to present at all of their events, meeting their strategic goals every time, so if you need assistance finding the perfect speaker don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we will find the perfect Health and Lifestyle speaker to get you motivated!


If you want to be inspired, educated, informed or entertained and, at the very least, congratulated after the event on your great choice of Speaker browse our speakers.