Guy Grossi

Pure Italian Chef, Author & Keynote Speaker

Guy Grossi is an innovative foodie who is renowned as Australia's best pure Italian chef. The owner of Grossi Restaurants including Grossi Florentino, Merchant Osteria Veneta and Ombra Salumi Bar, he is also a high-profile media personality having made regular appearances on MasterChef, A Current Affair and hosted Food Safari on SBS.

There's little that Guy likes doing more than sharing his knowledge and experiences. An entertaining keynote speaker, he has plenty of fascinating stories to tell about his Italian family heritage, the history of recipes, and his own personal journey as one of Australia's most successful chefs. He also tells his stories in print - Guy is the author bestselling books; Love Italy, Recipes from My Mother's Kitchen, My Italian Heart, Secrets and Recipes.

Guy began his cooking career with his father Pietro, who was originally brought out from Italy by his grandparents to work as a chef in their restaurant Mario's. Guy then worked at a seafood restaurant with a "mad chef, a Czech who was very hard. He used to make me cry a lot when I was 15". He says this gave him the courage to take on more work before he joined Tolarno's where his father was working. He was then at Two Faces with Hermann Schnieder, and after that went into his own place, Quadri. Guy and his Australian wife Melissa were there for three years before opening Caffe Grossi, then taking over Grossi Florentino. In 2007, he opened up Mirka on the site of Tolarno's.

Guy is devoted to preserving and passing on culture and traditions. Sought after as a trainer and mentor, he is a recent Fellow of the International Specialised Skills Institute and Co. Guy is also the founder of The Melbourne Tomato Festival - a gathering of local farmers selling produce, speakers, agriculturalists, cooking demonstrations, Italian food, artisan producers, special guests, history, workshops, entertainment and passata making.

Guy Grossi's concern is getting, and keeping, the balance right in the kitchen. "It is very difficult to maintain consistency with our style of cooking, it is classic Italian, but we do come up with certain things that may not be in an Italian cook book".He believes that while the food may not be strictly traditional, 'when you taste and touch, it's an Italian must have that identity whether created two minutes ago, or thought of two hundred years ago.'

Guy is also a dedicated philanthropist committing much of his personal time and funds to assisting young people in need and mentoring others.