Grant Dale

Navigating Culture Change - Navy Style

Grant Dale is an accredited executive coach and team/group coach, and an experienced facilitator. With 35 years of operational and strategic leadership experience, he has a deep understanding of the links between leadership, culture and performance... and what makes people and organisations tick.

Grant works one-on-one as an executive coaching with all levels business, from senior executives to front-line leaders. Additionally he works to develop and deliver tailored leadership programs, analyse organisational culture and drive alignment between leadership and culture.

The solutions Grant Dale puts forward emphasise practical strategies, and are underpinned by theories drawn from business, psychology and adult learning. His coaching and leadership programs are no walk in the park. Participants are challenged to think and act differently, and to make the changes required for achieving effective, sustainable high performance.

More about Grant Dale:

Grant Dale was a highly regarded former Naval Commander with 29 years of service. His background includes warship command, strategic-level organisational development, operations management and administration, development and delivery of training.

When Grant Dale assumed command of the warship HMAS Westralia he was faced with an unusual challenge. The ship had developed a culture of fear and an expectation of failure, following the tragic fire of 1998.

Focusing on what could be achieved rather that what couldn't, Grant set about improving the ship's performance through its systems, structures, leadership and culture.

Adopting a values-based approach to leadership, he engaged people to achieve higher levels of performance than they thought possible.

Within eighteen months, the culture, efficiency and effectiveness of the ship had been transformed into that of a successful fleet asset with a winning culture and excellent performance of duties.

Using his experience in the Defence Force, Grant works as a business consultant and corporate speaker.

Grant Dale's services:

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development, including 360-feedback
  • Team / group coaching, including diagnostics
  • Organisational culture and performance
  • Motivational mapping
  • Keynote speaking

Client testimonials

Grant’s knowledge of Organisational Culture is exceptional. When Assetlink wished to gain an understanding of the culture within the organisation, and how that was impacting on our performance, we engaged GDC to run a survey across multiple business units within the organisation. After collecting the data, Grant debriefed the senior executive team on the results of the survey in a truly engaging facilitated process. Not only was he able to explain the data in a very accessible way, his facilitation ensured that the whole leadership team was able to take ownership of the results. We were then ready to implement changes based on real data and a real understanding of the issues we faced.

Wayne Gobert OAM, HR Director of The Year Finalist 2015

Having done other professional development and coaching programs, I found that Grant’s was the most insightful, and ultimately effective. I experienced multiple ‘light-bulb’ moments that had a compounding effect. These not only improved my awareness, but allowed me to make adjustments to my thinking and responses very quickly, and the benefits were immediate and significant. Grant also helped me develop strategies which meant I was able to form and embed good habits, which helped me continue to build on the short term success, and I’ve found the program has had sustained benefits for me. It is the best development program I’ve experienced.

Department of Defence