Graeme Philipson

IT Consultant & Analyst

Graeme Philipson is an independent IT consultant, analyst and writer who is one of Asia-Pacific’s best known speakers on information technology and related issues. In demand as a speaker, Graeme has a way of bring IT to life and making even the most difficult subjects easy to understand. He consistently receives high ratings for his ability to clarify difficult technical issues and for the depth of knowledge he brings to the subject.

In 1992 he was co-founder of Strategic Publishing Group (SPG) and its Strategic Research division. He was the founding editor of SPG’s MIS (Managing Information Strategies) magazine, and originator of Strategic Research’s unique user-based research program (acquired by GartnerGroup in 1996). SPG operated in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India, and was acquired by leading Australian publishing house John Fairfax Holdings Ltd in December 1999.

He writes a weekly opinion column on IT trends for The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age, and is editor of CCH’s 700 page Australian Guide to eBusiness (2001). He has written over 1000 articles and columns for numerous worldwide publications, more than 30 published market research reports and three books for the international market.

An informative speaker, Graeme Philipson’s unique presentation style will stimulate and challenge audiences on even the driest of topics.

Graeme Philipson talks about:
The Evolution of eBusiness
Making Business Intelligence Work for You
Doing Your Own IT Market Research
10 Key IT Trends for the New Millennium

Client comments about Graeme Philipson:
Graeme’s ability to convert complex technical matters into the straightforward language of business is a rare gift. That he does this with style, humour and the authority that comes with many years involvement in the information technology industry makes him a most entertaining and absorbing speaker. Gotley Nix Evans
Graeme has a way of engaging people when he speaks. He provides not only content, but clarity and context, and can make the driest of topics interesting. FileNet

Graeme has an amazing in-depth understanding of the local and international IT industry, and its players - past and present. With an easy going and informative speaking style it is always a pleasure to hear or read his views. Anagram Intl.