Graeme Bowman

Hoax Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Comedian, MC

Graeme Bowman is a multi-talented and highly versatile celebrity who can entertain, inspire and totally "pull the wool" over his audiences' eyes.

A highly experienced MC, comedian, hoax speaker and keynoter, he has been engaged by most of the country's highest profile organisations for conferences, dinners and special events.

As a hoax speaker (Corporate Imposter) there's nothing more that Graeme enjoys than exploring complex topics in a creative, theatrical and often controversial manner. He can become any 'expert' you like, and fool any audience you care to provide. Just watch their faces as the expert's credibility gets stretched to breaking point. A hoax can also be combined with a genuine keynote on creativity and innovation through his unique presentation, Uncork your Creative Genie.

As a Master of Ceremonies, Graeme loves taking a theatrical approach, weaving in original humour, poetry, impressions and characterisation. For example, his MC work often commences with an appearance by David Attenborough's ‘long lost brother', Bruce, who delivers a hilarious, tailored routine about the evolution of your organisation. An MC role can also be combined with a hoax speech, to create a Hoax MC - a proven hit at gala dinners and awards presentations.

As a keynote, Graeme delves into complex topics with great theatre - he even has a provocative, entertaining keynote that pokes fun at the archaic ‘old boys club' way of leading and working. Engaging this old white male to unpack patriarchy is the best way to encourage your audience to hold courageous conversations around topics such as gender inequality, diversity and inclusion, and purpose-driven leadership.

With extraordinary versatility, Graeme is able to provide entertainment and inspiration for multi-day events. He can appear at a welcome dinner as a hoax speaker, then deliver his creativity keynote the next morning. He can MC the entire conference, sprinkling impressions, humorous songs and comic routines throughout.

Graeme's clients range across all industries and sectors, and have included IBM, Canon, Pfizer, KPMG, Coca Cola, Shell, CSIRO, Monash University, Australian Synchrotron, Red Cross, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Better Boards Australasia, Clean Energy Council, Waste Management Association, Australasian Society of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeons.

Client testimonials

Graeme joined us for a 3 day conference as our MC. His style was a perfect mix of fun, comedy, creativity and seriousness, and his involvement was a big part in this year’s event being labelled the 'best ever'. Graeme also brought a number of hilarious elements to our Awards Dinner, and his hoax speech had a room full of geologists staring bug eyed at the stage wondering what on earth was happening. I would recommend Graeme to any organisers of large and complex events like ours.


Even the organisers were in tears laughing at how Graeme intermingled the information we gave him about some staff into his speech. Many people took notes until they realised at the end they had been fooled.

Schneider Electric

It was terribly important that we had an MC that could carry the evening, with such a diverse range of industries represented. Graeme did brilliantly.

Australian Institute of Project Management (NSW)

The humorous material was helpful, both in terms of breaking up the more serious parts of the program, and as a way of underlining some of the key points that were being made.

BP Australia

Graeme was received extremely well by our audience. He played his character well throughout the night, was very funny during his routine, and was also an excellent MC overall. We were very pleased with his attentiveness to making our night a success, and to the work he’d put into customising his performance for our event.


Absolutely incredible. He is a cult hero now. The staff were totally fooled by his Scottish accent and we even have a Scottish lady working with us. Further, his detailed approach to the presentation and our sector meant the staff really didn't have a clue it was a hoax until the last moment

Civic Disability Services Limited

Graeme was received very well – He had the majority hooked with his Hoax, and there were plenty of laughs. He assisted us by providing some lateral thinking puzzles which we did as the night progressed with his help! We have had some good feedback from attendees on the night – they had a great time!

Singleton Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.

Your impersonation of a Coca-Cola Vice President from head office in Atlanta seemed to have everyone fooled, yet despite their enjoyment of your antics the presentation of the 'serious' material came across very clearly. It was an innovative way for us to convey the necessary information in a fun and entertaining manner.

Coca Cola

Graeme was brilliant. At a function for an important client of the firm, Graeme's speech managed to break the ice and reduce the formality of the occasion.

Gadens Lawyers

Your flawless impersonation of the late Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen was a highlight of the evening, nothing but rave reviews.

Tasmanian Export Awards