Glenn Singleman & Heather Swan

World Record Holding BASEClimbers & Inspirational Speakers

Dr. Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan are a husband and wife team who jointly hold the Guinness World Record for the highest BASEjump (exit altitude) and the highest wingsuit BASEjump.

Glenn and Heather are Australia's most recognized wingsuit pilots and recipients of the Australian Set on May 23rd 2006 from a 6672 metre Himalayan mountain, their amazing wingsuit record was the result of six years unrelenting hard work and an unshakeable commitment to their goal.

Glenn and Heather's 'Furthest Flight' project featured on 60 Minutes in Australia and New Zealand. The project set three records - an Australian Ballooning altitude record, an Australian Skydiving exit record and a world wingsuit exit record. The project is the also the subject of a seven page feature article that appeared in Australian Geographic.

Glenn is practicing medical doctor and award winning documentary film-maker. He has traveled all around the world on ground breaking expeditions to make award winning films. He has man-hauled sleds across Antarctica to climb a virgin peak, he was part of the team to set a world record for the highest Black Tie Dinner Party, he was the Doctor and Camerman on the Ballooning over Everest expedition, the leader of the BASEClimb expeditions, the doctor and a camera operator on James Cameron's 'Live from the Titanic' project, and the leader of the 'Furthest Flight' project, to mention a few.

Heather is an award winning author and her most recent book, 'No Ceiling' was released in 2009.

Glenn and Heather have made countless media appearances and continue to be sought after professional speakers both in Australian and internationally.

In 2009 they attempted to set the world record for the furthest distance flown in a wingsuit. While they could not beat the current record, they did set three other records: the highest balloon flight in Australia at 37,838ft the highest skydive in Australia and the highest wingsuit exit in the world at 36,750ft.

Client testimonials

Heather you are an amazing woman – for your endurance, setting such thrilling goals and having perseverance to achieve then. I have great admiration for inner and outer strength…and your honesty in the presentation. You were very honest about your feelings which is what I think will distinguish your talk from others. The message you give is wise and important and one thing those of us who choose not to climb mountains can share.

Office of State Revenue

Glenn and Heather you presented to our conference what I would term the ultimate in fearlessness and certainly instilled in us to forget that often used saying, ‘I can’t’. I think everyone will remember the hour we had with you on that Sunday morning for a long, long time and all the much better for it.


Glenn & Heather your presentation was fantastic. It has drastically changed the way I look at things. I have changed my lifestyle quite a bit. Thanks to you guys I now exercise 4 times a week and...after 2 weeks of thinking over and over that incredible achievement, I would be ready to train and go for it.

UBS Warburg Tokyo