Glen Gerreyn

A trafficker of hope

Glen Gerreyn, founder and CEO of The Hopefull Organisation, will help change your life.

His seminars are about engaging and inspiring people by re-igniting and re-discovering hope, not about making empty profit promises. Hopeful employees give an organisation a competitive edge by being more focused, and more productive.

Glen can talk from experience about the power of hope. At 17 and a champion athlete, Glen was struck by an illness that quickly ended his Olympic dreams and sporting career. He triumphed over every challenge, and shifted his focus to community development. His efforts were soon recognised nationally as Young Australian of the Year for Queensland, Community Service.

Since 2001 Glen has made motivational speaking his career, and has already spoken to over 500,000 people around the world. He works with high school students, sporting groups, community organisations and businesses, including Guardian Financial Planning, MIGAS, Asteron, REIACT, McGrath, NRL and LJ Hooker.

In 2012 Glen received the international accreditation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). He has spoken at the world famous TEDx events, appeared on the Today Show and Can of Worms, written blogs for, and also featured prominently on ABC national radio.

His businesses and initiatives include The Roar Effect, Freedom House Publishing, The Oxygen Factory, Men of Honour and The Hopefull Organisation.

Glen is also the author of Get Your Hopes Up, Oxygen: 102 Doses of Inspiration and Men of Honour.

Glen Gerreyn talks about:

  • The HopeFull Organisation - How leadership drives culture and change for powerful results
  • The Power of a Dream - Engaging a workforce for optimum performance
  • Designing Tomorrow - How strategy and innovation lead culture
  • Start a Revolution - How execution energises change
  • Glen Gerreyn challenges his audiences to test their limits, and to set and reach personal goals that they could never before imagine, let alone believe to be possible. He has a remarkable ability to deliver a powerful and lasting message of empowerment and purpose.

    Client testimonials

    Glen is an impressively dynamic, vibrant, motivating and inspiring speaker. He had the room captivated from start to finish, speaking with passion and authenticity. More importantly he is an all-round great guy. Someone you feel like you’ve known for years. Thanks for supporting our Emerge Young Leaders Conference.

    Cerebal Palsy Alliance

    Glen spoke from the heart, enthusiastically sharing his journey in overcoming adversity, reminding us what it takes to succeed – the importance of having purpose and enjoying our work lives. It was a relevant presentation, achieving a highly captivated audience. People were eager to speak to him afterwards and buy his books. He was an inspiration and a highly valuable addition to our event! We hope to have the privilege again.

    Living Local Magazine

    It was awesome to have you speak to our team. We got some fantastic feedback from them. I especially liked the way you focused on turning motivation into commitment. Your own story clearly showed what’s possible when people dare to dream and then decide to have a crack at making it happen. It would be fantastic to have you back to speak to us again.

    Belle Property

    Glen presented at our annual Apprentice Development Program in the Hunter Valley. The impact that Glen had on his audience was amazing. His passion and enthusiasm for life along with his honesty and openness meant that the people in the audience were enaged with him from the moment he walked in the door. A number of the apprentices were confronted and taken out of their comfort zones, but the comment from one apprentice that “you should never run this program without Glen as a presenter” confirmed the positive impact he had on all those present. We will certainly be asking Glen to present at future apprentice programs.

    Donna Hallas

    I have attended 'motivational seminars' for 40 years and in this four hours I think Glen has conveyed more than many do in 2 days.

    Real Estate Institute ACT

    We recently had Glen Gerreyn present as the closing speaker at our Guardian and Cameron Walshe professional development conference; an often daunting timeslot. But, from the moment he walked on stage, the room was captivated. Glen made us all consider what our dreams in life are, and why many of us haven't actively pursued them, the biggest question being "what made us give them up? At the end of the presentation, the audience erupted, many delivering a standing ovation. We all left the conference more inspired than we did when we woke up that morning.

    Guardian Financial Planning

    On behalf of Maurice and the rest of the team, I wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for your presentation on Friday. Your passion, commitment and sheer determination was sincerely appreciated... and it was a fantastic injection of energy and inspiration for a Friday afternoon!

    Pow Wow International

    Thank you for your most inspiring motivational talk the other day. Your style and deliverance of your seminar was out of the box, rarely seen, and extremely confronting, which I believe has prompted us here at PK Property to have our best quarter on record yet. Glen we look forward to having you back.

    PK Property

    Over our 30 years of running personal development/networking events, we have had some pretty amazing speakers in. Glen Gerreyn was one who raised the standard. His story of overcoming was so relatable and inspiring. The depth of his talks is where the magic lies. There are many motivational speakers out there but Glen delves deeper than motivation and tackles beliefs, emotions, mindset and purpose. The result of his depth saw people take immediate action. That in itself is what a truly great speaker can do. Move people into action. Glen has this gift.