Geoff Knight

Tenor, Storyteller, Entertainer and Keynote Speaker

Geoff Knight was born into adversity. His life journey has taken him from bullied choirboy to notorious bikie to international operatic tenor. It has been one of prevailing through perseverance, passion and practice.

The lessons Geoff has learnt along the way are applicable to leaders and individuals alike and he generously shares them with his audiences, interspersing anecdotes with spellbinding operatic performances that inspire people to truly believe that nothing is impossible.

In the process, Geoff teaches delegates how to push doubt aside, find an attitude of gratitude, and to look inward to navigate the perilous dichotomy of ego vs self.

More about Geoff Knight:

If Geoff Knight had understood his true potential, or had more than a few glimpses of encouragement or recognition, his life might have taken a very different turn. But mentors and opportunities were thin on the ground and he simply fell into line with what seemed was his preordained path... leading right into New Zealand's criminal underworld.

While riding with notorious bikie gang Highway 61, Geoff experienced a (literally) mid-air moment of clarity. Time slowed as he flew from his chopper after colliding with a truck; he got the message. "If I live through this, I'll get out". Which is exactly what he did.

From that moment, Geoff's life took a series of profound turns. He not only shed his criminal past, but also the attitudes and behaviours that kept him there in the first place.

Learning that fear was never a reason to say ‘no' to opportunity, Geoff's life has become richer and more varied than he could have ever imagined. He was a stuntman (notably for TV's Xena, Warrior Princess) and actor, and earned a degree in the performing arts. He's performed as an operatic soloist throughout Australia and New Zealand and launched a company. His story has inspired and motivated audiences from school kids to captains of industry.

Geoff Knight knows how to truly wow an audience. His onstage energy is infectious, weaving the at-times shocking true story of bootstrapping his way out of a shadowy criminal bikie gang and into the limelight.

His authentic delivery and vulnerability on stage drives deeply into the hearts of his audiences. With clients including Harcourts International, Commonwealth Bank, Goldwell, Fuji-Xerox and more, Geoff's appeal is clear; he provides an outstanding story delivered in an outstanding way that leaves conference delegates invigorated, uplifted and inspired.

Geoff Knight speaks about:

If failure wasn't a possibility, what would you do? Geoff Knight quite literally roars onto stage with an inspirational true story packed with hard-won wisdom for both leaders and individuals. As a former member of one of New Zealand's most notorious bikie gangs, Geoff was faced with a tough choice; continue on his path to jail or the grave, or to recognise and grasp his second chance and take the opportunity to completely change his life's trajectory.

Now an internationally acclaimed tenor and keynote speaker, Geoff's sessions are compelling, moving, humorous and packed with valuable insights that will help you recognise those times in your life when you should get out of your own way, lose the doubts, and just say "YES - let's do it!".

Client testimonials

Looking is one thing, finding is the other. So when we KNOW a presenter who will tick AND kick all the boxes, then we ALWAYS book Geoff Knight. At 6 foot + forever and ridiculously good looking, audiences always sit up straight and start to listen before Geoff opens his mouth! His story is remarkable AND surely it can’t be true … And then he starts to sing! OMG, sing! Absolutely superb! He knows my clients names, he works the room and interacts, and he wraps our brief around his presentation. Talk about value for money. After each encore you just know this guy has blown open your event big time.

DMP Marketing & Events

We were thrilled to have you join us in Marlborough and you delivered a fantastic closing address at our conference. Not only did we have the opportunity to hear your very human and inspiring story, we were privileged to hear your wonderful singing voice … You completely met my hopes and expectation as our closing speaker. As a conference organiser, the closing address to me is extremely important, it is important to me that delegates leave the conference on a real high. You succeeded … your warm personality and great story enabled our people to really connect with you. As you know, there were even a few tears. Thank you so much.

Conventions and Incentives New Zealand

Geoff Knight was excellent in every way – catch-up, performance, presentation, topic and voice – all absolutely wonderful and we would have him back at any time.

Gallagher Group

We loved him. Geoff Knight’s presentation exceeded my expectations. He really reached this audience well – some people loved his life story, others his wonderful tenor voice, others his gentle humour all wrapped up in what can only be described as a truly charismatic personality. The women drooled (including me!) and the men admired. Geoff set the tone for the rest of our conference time together, and had a lot to do with the great success of the conference, as after he gave his personal testimony, the other conference delegates were more inclined to be real with each other. Geoff was worth every cent and we are very proud of him as one of our own!

West Coast Tertiary Education Trust

Motivational speaker and opera star, Geoff Knight held the 70 attendees spellbound with his inspirational and thought provoking keynote; ‘The road less travelled: A student’s journey – from Highway 61 gang member to international opera singer.’ Geoff’s message clearly demonstrated the influence we as educators can have on the direction our students take. The importance of valuing our students as individuals, respecting them and allowing them to strive to reach their potential cannot be overemphasised.

Ako Aotearoa, New Zealand’s National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence

What an unbelievable experience it was as Geoff took our delegates at the Heritage Bank Retail Conference on a journey through his story of overcoming adversity and turning his life around.  I know for a fact that they did not know were the story was heading, and were not expecting the story to take the turn at the end that it did. Geoff certainly had the audience captivated as his story unfolded, and the finale was breathtaking.

Heritage Bank