Frank Furness

Internationally Sought After Motivational Sales Speaker

Frank Furness CSP is an internationally sought-after motivational speaker. Energetic, humorous and insightful, he equips audiences with effective strategies for sales success.

Specialising in sales, technology, social media, goal setting and customer service, Frank Furness teaches practical skills that help individuals and businesses work with all these tools, in tandem, to optimise results.

Based in the United Kingdom, Frank currently spends 70% of his time speaking internationally, working in sixty-nine countries.

Multi-awarded for his talent as a speaker, in 2007, Frank was awarded the UK Speaker of the Year for Vistage, the world's largest CEO organisation and he was awarded as a Certified Speaking Professional in the USA. In 2011 he was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. In 2013 Frank was awarded Australian 'Overseas Speaker of the Year' and awarded as a Global CSP in Singapore. In 2014 he was recognised as top speaker for Vistage Florida, USA.

Frank has written two international best-selling books: Walking with Tigers - Success Secrets of the World's Top Business Leaders and How to Find New Business and Clients.

Frank Furness speaks about:

Sales Intelligence in the New World of Sales - Selling has changed massively over the past 10 years with the advent and influence of the internet and social media. Consequently, many organisations and salespeople are challenged by how to adapt to constantly evolving technology that can assist in sourcing new prospects and retaining existing clients.

In this keynote Frank uses case studies to share advanced strategies for the modern salesperson to prospect and connect more effectively, sell more and retain key clients.

Audiences take away key strategies to put into practice to help find clients, connect, attract and build their authority, prepare for and make a successful sales call. They'll also gain insights into how to implement effective online marketing strategies and social media campaigns.

Client testimonials

Your very accessible style made the information you shared with our team intelligible and easy to assimilate, and we still talk about the incredibly ‘simple’ approach you adopt to what is often considered the complicated process of doing business. Not without the elements of fun, your presentation was well targeted and well received, and we thank you for your insight and for presenting your ideas in a way that each delegate believed that they could take back with them, and move towards personal and professional growth and success.

American Express & Seekers Travel South Africa

What an excellent presentation. It was unanimously claimed as the best session any of the team had experienced. Everybody is charged up and my only challenge is to ensure that we carry through the great ideas you provided.

Johnson Fry Securities Ltd, London

After many years in the sales industry, it has been highly refreshing to find a professional who can rekindle the fire in our sales force. Frank's professionalism and knowledge of sales in my opinion cannot be equalled and since his motivational talk, there has been a dramatic increase in our sales figures.

PIC, Dubai

I've now seen Frank have an impact on three separate audiences from chief executives to people in their first sales role. He is always stimulating – with a great combination of practical sales knowledge, constant confidence-building, and an energizing presentational style.

ACNielsen Australia

Frank Furness injects his presentations with a genuine passion for the subject bringing his message to life with real world examples drawing from blue-chip businesses he has helped to grow. Never boring and always informative Frank is one of the best speakers and trainers I have seen in a long time.

Burgis & Bullock, Chartered Accountants, Scotland

A day of sales training with Frank Furness so inspired our sales team that six weeks on, and they are still enthusiastically employing his techniques … Frank has changed the way we work – he has given us confidence to enjoy the sales pitch and to sell better and more effectively.

Emerging Real Estate Ltd

Frank is one of the top sales presenters in the world and he delivered his high content, high impact, high value presentation with his usual eloquence, expertise, and enterprising nature.

APSA, Singapore

Frank is energised, motivated and engaging. There was no-one in the room who was not captivated by what he was saying … I would highly recommend Frank - he is one of the best speakers I have ever had the opportunity to experience.