Eric Bailey

Visionary 'activational' speaker

Eric Bailey calls himself an 'activational speaker', not a 'motivational speaker' because he will draw out of you the power, commitment, inspiration and dedication that you didn't know you had. No longer will you spend your life accepting anything short of your dreams. Instead, you will actively pursue your dreams until your vision becomes a reality.

Eric is the leading authority on understanding and stimulating human potential for individuals, businesses and organisations. This translates to greater productivity, enhanced individual wellbeing and a much improved personal life plan and vision.

Eric Bailey has dedicated his life to inspiring others to create a vision for their lives and then take significant action towards making that vision an actuality. He has helped over 2 million people around the world to manifest their dreams into reality.

A proud Australian, Eric draws on his unique life, successful careers in professional sport, executive management and sales, and a wealth of knowledge in the field of personal and organisational excellence to create powerful and inspiring presentations. With presence and personality, he commands a room like few can.

Eric's compelling techniques have worked for some of the world's largest multinational corporations including Nike, McDonald's, Ford, Nissan, Reebok, Toshiba and Canon, to name a few. He has also brought uplifting, youth-focused messages to students at hundreds of schools around the world.

Powerful and passionate, his presentations teach, inspire, and elevate audiences to new levels of achievement in both their personal and professional lives. Eric's ability to cross over and connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds makes him one of the world's most dynamic speakers.

Eric's Story

Born in South Central Los Angeles, one of the toughest neighbourhoods in America, with a bone disease in both knees, Eric was abandoned by his birth parents. He fought incredible odds to elevate himself into a brighter future.

Dealing with racism, drug infested surroundings, gang violence, low socio-economic conditions and a school system that said he would never graduate; his turning point came at age 14 when Eric began to plan his future - not by saying, but by doing. Training every morning and studying every evening. He tried out for the Basketball team at school and went on to take his high school basketball team to its first and only state Championship!

Because of Eric's planning, persistence and passion, he received a Basketball scholarship to Boise State University and graduated with a Bachelor in Marketing and Communications. Eric came to Australia in 1982 to play basketball in the National Basketball League, playing with the Hobart Devils, Melbourne Tigers and Gold Coast Rollers. During that time he worked in many customer-driven businesses such as sales, promotions, fitness, media, marketing, basketball coaching and health industries.

After retiring from basketball Eric decided to direct his passion into motivating and activating people. One of his first roles was as host of the NBA ALL STAR weekend Jam session, the first person brought in from outside the USA. Here he was able to combine his communication skills, marketing, sport and energy to actively energise over 100,000 people over a three-day weekend.

Eric uses the lessons of life, sport, and international travel to deliver dynamic presentations and interactive workshops.

Eric Bailey talks about:

  • Activate Now! - This powerful program guarantees a fresh outlook on life. Imagine transforming a disinterested employee into a real go-getter, reigniting the professional passion in your core team or motivating your staff to feeling accomplished and fulfilled.
  • Winning with Attitude - Strap yourself in for a roller coaster ride of humour, emotion and drama. When it's is over, you'll disembark with a different attitude towards your life - an attitude that enables you to rise above the crowd! Change your mind, change your world.
  • Leading the Leaders - True leadership does more than simply inspire, it transforms. It allows you to take whatever team you have, whatever cards you have been dealt, whatever challenges you face, and create pure success.
  • Keys to Team Synergy - Ever wonder why some businesses seem to achieve far more than others when they both seem to have the same resources? You will learn the importance of team cohesiveness, how to develop it, and how to sustain it. When you create a team where everyone's strengths are harnessed and collective weaknesses are mitigated, you develop synergy and everyone involved will reap the monetary and emotional rewards.
  • A Vision Purposed Life - Become the architect of your dreams and change your life forever. Whether you are a company made up of thousands of dedicated employees, a small enterprise staffed with just family members, or just one individual, greatness ultimately begins with one thing... great vision. Eric will show you how to create an empowering vision for yourself, your business, and your team.

Client testimonials

Eric has brought our workers closer together, reduced absenteeism and improved communication. Eric displayed substance with style and passion. Rated 10 out of 10!

Filtronics Pty. Ltd, Asia Pacific Exports International

He worked with us and gave so much of himself that each staff member and executive leader walked away feeling positive and touched that this man could share such personal reflection in such a motivational way. Even our most negative staff member turned the corner. That says something about the skills, tools, and ability of this man to effect change from the bottom up!

Suncorp Financial Services

Eric had a vision that was perfectly aligned to what we experience each and every day. WOW! His ability to engage his audience was infectious and powerful beyond my expectations. I saw grown men cry when Eric relayed his very personal story of birth and setbacks. What makes Eric so unique and effective? He is real! He researched our industry thoroughly and interpreted it brilliantly. His balance of wit, humour and pathos left our team wanting more.

RE/MAX Vision Real Estate, Convenor Australasian Convention

Eric was a speaker at our recent AMP Financial Planners Association Conference and was highly regarded and respected as a speaker from our attendees. His talk inspired all to go for it and 'take the shot'. Over ninety five percent of our attendees rated Eric as either Exceptional or Very Good and all stated they would like to have him back to speak. Eric has a powerful message and is energetic in his style....I would have Eric back to speak at any of our future conferences.

AMP Financial Planners Association Inc.

I saw Eric speak at a recent Financial Planner Association Conference. I was very impressed by his enthusiastic and inspirational presentation. His talk has inspired all... I highly recommend him for any future speaking engagements.

Zoe’s Place

I saw Eric speak at a recent Financial Planner Association Conference. I was very impressed by his enthusiastic and inspirational presentation. His talk has inspired all ... I highly recommend him for any future speaking engagements.

GJ Financial Services