Elliot Goblet

Safe Corporate Entertainer

One of Australia's most original corporate humorists, Elliot Goblet is a much sought after entertainer and host for conferences, product launches, dinners and client events.

Well known for his television appearances on a variety of shows including Hey Hey It's Saturday, Tonight Live and The Midday Show, today 90% of Elliot Goblet's work is in the corporate arena where audiences see a more animated and personable Elliot Goblet.

With a track record of over 1500 corporate events, Elliot Goblet's major strength is his ability to get inside a client's world through extensive research and write specifically tailored material for each presentation.

Through this specific tailoring, Elliot Goblet provides clients with solid benefits to help them achieve their goals including motivating staff and clients, reducing conflict in the workplace and improving communication and understanding.

A successful author, Elliot's book Business According to Goblet is now in its 4th print run. Drawing on his numerous presentations, Elliot shares his unique tips for business covering every major subject including customer service and selling, and good business sense heavily coated with good business nonsense.

Breaking up the serious conference business with funny video business, Elliot Goblet also presents short break videos to provide audiences with laughter between sessions. Elliot's videos include interrupting your meeting with a 'Very Important Announcement,' humorous and insightful tips on 'Your Hotel Stay, 'Selling Against the Odds,''Improving Customer Relations' and 'The All Purpose Break.'

Inviting audiences to change gears mentally and challenge their perceptions, Elliot Goblet's client list includes: ANZ, BT, IBM, Macquarie Bank, MLC Insurance, Qantas, Sony, Optus, McDonalds, Lend Lease and KPMG.

Client testimonials

Throughout the two days of conferencing, Elliot was able to demonstrate great adaptability in his capacity as M.C. from his welcome address to delegates in our plenary session through to hosting our Gala (black tie) Awards dinner.

United Travel Agents Group

The audience was impressed by Elliot Goblet’s commentating on the computer industry, his knowledge of in-jokes and his insights into individual media characters, which was achieved by very thorough research


Overall a very funny and entertaining act that pushed the right buttons with our guests and was delivered in a non offensive manner.