Edward de Bono

The Father of Lateral Thinking & Creativity

Dr de Bono is acknowledged by millions of people worldwide as the leading authority in the field of creative thinking, innovation and the teaching of thinking as a skill.

A Rhodes Scholar and lecturer at Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford and London Universities, Dr de Bono is the author of 76 books, with translations into 40 languages. He has lectured in 58 countries and his instruction in thinking has been sought by numerous worldwide business corporations.

Dr de Bono originated the concept of Lateral Thinking which has become a part of everyday language and even enjoys an entry in the Oxford Dictionary. He also developed the innovative Six Thinking Hats® process (parallel thinking). His objective is simple - Change, Ideas and Improvement. His work is based on the understanding of the mind as a self-organising system.

The appeal of Dr de Bono's work is its simplicity and practicality. It can be used by four-year-olds and senior executives, by Down Syndrome youngsters and Nobel Laureates. Dr de Bono's thinking techniques have helped individuals and organisations make better decisions, solve problems, challenge assumptions and produce practical improvement. In fact, it has been said that all the recent (past thirty years) focus on thinking, creativity and innovation has taken its lead from Edward de Bono's work.

Dr de Bono acts as advisor to various Governments, cities, regional Governments and global organisations dealing on a macro level with diverse topics including economy, unemployment, social policy, recidivism, pensions, health care, finance, transportation, education, conflict resolution, judicial processes, foresight scenario design etc.

His instruction in thinking has been sought by many organisations including: Boeing, BT, Nokia, Mondadori, Sanofi, Total, Siemens, 3M, Ericsson, GM, Kraft, Nestle, Bosch, Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young and many others.

Chosen by a group of academics as one of 250 people who had made the most significant contribution to humanity, Dr de Bono's contribution was to take the mystical subject of creativity and for the first time in history put the subject on a solid basis.

Dr de Bono was Chairman of the Council of Young Enterprise Europe, an organisation of 1.5 million youngsters across Europe, Israel and Russia who set up mini-businesses while at school.

In Geraldton, Western Australia, Dr de Bono has a street named after him. He was crowned ‘King' by popular demand in response to his book Why I Want to be King of Australia. The coronation festivities lasted one week.

Dr de Bono holds an M.A. in psychology and physiology from Oxford, a D. Phil in Medicine, a Ph.D. from Cambridge, a D. Des (Doctor of Design) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and an LL.D. from Dundee.

He also holds professorships at the Universities of Malta and Pretoria, Dublin City University and the University of Central England. In May 2005, the New University of Advancing Technology in Phoenix, Arizona appointed Dr. de Bono Da Vinci Professor of Thinking.