Drum Circle

Interactive musical events

Drum Circle Events is Australia's premier Interactive Drumming Company servicing corporate events both nationally and internationally with over 30 years of combined experience.

With a drum for every participant our team of professional musicians and facilitators take your group on a truly dynamic and exhilarating music making journey.

Leading musicians from not only Australia but all around the world come together with our unparalleled industry experience to provide you with the professionalism and unforgettable results your event deserves ­no matter how big or small. Interactive drumming creates unity in minutes. Quite simply, we bring people together. How we do it - Well that's of course the fun part!

With a team of professional musicians and a drum for each participant, Drum Circle Events facilitates a truly memorable, interactive musical experience. Before delegates arrive we set out on each individual chair, a traditional hand carved African Djembe drum.

From behind closed doors our team of musicians kick off with a powerful drum call using a massive 44 gallon bass drum, doun douns and Djembes. The rhythm and pulse fills the airspace... the doors swing open and delegates enter. Picking up their drums in order to sit down, the first 15 minutes of the drum circle is completely non­verbal with our Facilitator orchestrating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.

Lessons in technique and rhythm entrainment see the group grow musically empowered; soon participants are not only drumming, but playing hand percussion, singing and laughing together... even cheering in appreciation of each other's dancing skills!

Take the plunge and get inspired! ... that's exactly what we encourage your team to do!

Drum Circle Events caters for any group size with Interactive Drumming and Music Programs tailored to fit each event, perfect for: Conferences, Team Building, Exhibitions, Office Parties, Product Launches, Incentives, Road Shows , Special Events, Any Size Event

Client testimonials

The session generated tremendous excitement and enthusiasm... the message of the synergies from working together was not lost on them.


It set an up-beat theme and a level of trust in the group. It had an underlying theme of stop, listen breathe... and then join the beat harmoniously.

Commonwealth Bank

The Drum Café program was not only creative, dynamic and invigorating, but was also adapted to ensure that individual needs of the participants were taken into account.


The audience absolutely loved it. By the end of it they were up on the stage and their chairs dancing around. It was a welcomed activity with much enthusiasm

Prudential Investment Company of Australia (PICA)

We have had rave reviews from all the participants I have engaged post the CCO event! The ability of Lance and his team to bring us all together on a journey and unite us in rhythm captured our spirits. When combined with the history of the drum and related to how we can function as a team with the rest of business it became a very powerful message for us all. The most compelling part of all was the ability for each and every person to participate in some way, something that is often lost when you have a single speaker engaging with such a large audience. We would definitely recommend the team for future events as the message transcended to all participants, a truly unique and well thought through learning engagement..