Dr Tim Flannery

Climate Change Crusader & 2007 Australian of the Year

Dr Tim Flannery is internationally recognised as one of the world's all-time great explorers, best-known scientists and most influential environmentalists. The 2007 Australian of the Year, Dr Tim Flannery has written several books, presented numerous documentaries and established highly effective not for profit organisations in Australia and around the world.

Often provocative, both intellectually and socially, Tim is in demand as a keynote speaker. He makes complex science understandable for a lay audience, through a deft use of imagery, analogy and common sense. He very clearly lays out a game plan for halting current warming trends and beginning the long, but entirely achievable project of reversing the damage we have done.

Tim's goal is to mobilise his listeners - both personally and politically - to recognise that we are all "weather makers" and that the only choice, both logically and ethically, is to begin to address this problem before it's too late.

More about Tim Flannery:

Tim Flannery is an author of best-selling books, presenter for numerous television documentary series, and founder of several highly influential not for profit organisations, his skills are in high demand with corporate and non-corporate entities.

Tim's work in Melanesia is legendary. Over two decades he led 25 expeditions into Melanesia, contacting some indigenous people for the first time, and discovering and describing 28 species of living mammals, feats described in his best-selling book Throwim Way Leg. Sir David Attenborough has described Flannery as being "in the league of the all-time great explorers, such as Sir David Livingstone".

Best known for his work in climate change, Tim established the Copenhagen Climate Council (2007), the Climate Council of Australia (2013), and served as Australia's Climate Commissioner (2011-2013). His network is extensive, having served on the Sustainability Advisory Boards of Siemens and Tata Power, and advising Sir Richard Branson on the Virgin Earth Challenge.

Tim is a former director of the South Australian Museum, and is currently a professor at Melbourne University. He spent a year as professor of Australian studies at Harvard, and currently teaches a month-long course on climate change at the Graduate Institute in Geneva each year. In 2002, he became the first environmentalist to deliver The Australia Day address to the nation. In 2005 he was honoured as Australian Humanist of the Year and, in 2007, he was named Australian of the Year.

Tim has helped establish organisations that are the foundation of species conservation in Australasia today. In 2001 he and Martin Copley founded the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. In 2008 he joined the board of the Tenkile Conservation Alliance, which is devoted to conserving two species of tree-kangaroo that he discovered in PNG, In 2017, he established the Kainake and Kwaio conservation initiatives - the only ongoing, large-scale terrestrial conservation initiatives in the Solomon Islands. Between them, these organisations conserve and maintain over 5,400 hectares of old growth forest on the islands of Malaita and Bougainville.

Dr Tim Flannery speaks about:

The Weather Makers: How Man is Changing the Climate and What it Means for Life on Earth. Tim Flannery draws on the ideas from his groundbreaking new book to present a straightforward, powerful exploration of the connection between climate change, global warming, and human activity.

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He has encouraged Australians into new ways of thinking about our environmental history and future ecological challenges.

Former Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard AC

Flannery, one of a new breed of planetary heroes, distilled the complex issue of global warming into a clear message.

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