Dr Arne Rubinstein

Rites of Passage Expert

Dr Arne Rubinstein is an internationally recognised expert on rites of passage and adolescent development. A GP, author and social commentator, he delivers practical, edgy, entertaining and insightful presentations about the transition from ‘boy to young man', and ‘girl to young woman'.

Arne's presentations and training provide much-needed answers and tools that help young men and women be happy and motivated about life. They help parents maintain healthy communication and successfully manage the changing relationship with their teenager; and help teens identify their true passion and find a way to express their unique gifts and talents. Arne provides the latest research and gives insight into solutions that will change the lives of our teenagers.

His presentations are suitable for broad audiences, which have included executives and team leaders from leading companies including AMP, Macquarie Bank, Lion Nathan, Merrill Lynch and Small Giants. Arne has run programs with schools including Brighton Grammar, Wesley College, The King's School, Christ Church Grammar, Sacred Heart College, Churchie and The Southport School.

More about Dr Arne Rubenstein:

Dr Arne Rubinstein has worked with teenagers since graduating from the International Institute for Youth Leaders in Jerusalem in 1982. He worked as a General Practitioner for 12 years specialising in Adolescent Health, Preventative Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Dr Arne Rubenstein was the CEO and co-founder of Pathways Foundation, a non-profit organisation which runs Rites of Passage programs around Australia.

In 1994 Dr Arne Rubinstein proposed the Pathways to Manhood project at the 4th Annual Australian and New Zealand Men's Leadership Gathering, setting up and facilitating multiple workshops around Australia.

From 1995 to 1998 he developed an innovative drug prevention program based on improving personal self-esteem in Northern NSW High Schools.

In 2009 and 2010 he ran Rite of Passage programs in England and Israel.

He founded Uplifting Australia to improve the emotional wellbeing and resilience of children and families across Australia. He also runs Inspired Leadership in Business training programs for Australian executives and delivers programs in countries including England, America, Israel, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Dr Arne Rubinstein has extensively studied the topic of Initiations and Rites of Passage in communities around the world and has given workshops and lectures around Australia and internationally at seminars and conferences. He was a keynote speaker at the National Conference of the Men's Advisory Network From Babies to Blokes: The Making of Men and was a senior facilitator at the first international conference on Rites of Passage held in Hawaii in 2008.

Dr Rubinstein's first book, The Making of Men, became an instant best seller in Australia. He has also written a model outlining the fundamental differences between Normal Boy Psychology and Healthy Man Psychology which speaks to both corporate and political leadership globally.

Dr Rubenstein's work has been recognised with the following awards:

  • Finalist in the Australian non profit CEO of the Year awards 2007
  • Winner of the Social Ventures Australia "Tipping Point Award" in 2007
  • Nominated for Australian of the Year in 2008
  • Winner of the inaugural Social Ventures Australia scholarship to Harvard University business schools to attend "Strategic management of Non-profit organisations for CEOs"

Dr Arne Rubinstein talks about:

  • Parenting, technology and teenagers: the latest research and tools to help young people be happy and motived, help parents maintain communication with their teens; and help teens identify their true passion.
  • Thriving (not just surviving) teenagers: the latest research around teenage health and wellbeing; covering the impact of technology; peer pressure and and the relevance of creating modern day Rites of Passage for teenagers.
  • Disruptive leadership in the digital age: global mega trends and how they will change our lives; empowering with transformational leadership and thriving in a technologically driven work environment.
  • Powerful women and the role of good men: Do good men really exist?; how to tell the difference between a boy and a man; challenges faced, support required from women; and how to support men to be heroes and change-makers
  • Contemporary rites of passage in schools, homes and the workplace: the key elements that make up a Rite of Passage and how to support children and adults move through life's stages. Available as staff PD sessions and two-day intensive training with ongoing consultation; this course has been integrated into programs for school and community groups.
  • Men as heroes and change makers: What is a good man and how to tell the difference between a boy and a man; mentoring boys, understanding the world of women and the feminine archetype.

Client testimonials

Arne has been engaging, informative and inspirational in capturing the challenges as well as the great opportunities that are open to us as individuals, parents, educators and communities to increase the wellbeing and functioning of our young people and families.

Dr Gianni Zappalà

Arne’s work is especially relevant to the corporate arena as he has a focus on how to build strong family relationships and create true work life balance. People love what he has to say and his style is highly engaging and informative as well as humorous. I personally have been inspired by both his work and his journey which reflects his unique and personal perspective as a doctor, a globally regarded social entrepreneur and as an engaged and involved father.

Social Ventures Australia

I have had the great pleasure of hearing Dr Rubinstein speak on a number of occasions to large groups of parents at leading Sydney schools, to high level executive teams within a global investment bank and another corporate and to a group of men throughout their journey on a leadership camp. Dr Rubinstein has a powerful presence and a unique gift for inspiring people from all walks of life with his bold vision for the future of our community while at the same time being grounded and accessible enough to build immediate trust and rapport at every level. Dr Rubinstein’s message is a universal one whose time is definitely now. He speaks about what it takes to ensure the next generation are secure in the knowledge of who they are and what they are here to do, and to break the cycle of risk-taking and destructiveness that is the legacy some young people carry from a childhood lacking in strong role models and important rituals. I would recommend Dr Rubinstein as a speaker to any audience without hesitation. His will be the most talked about speech and will leave the greatest lasting impact.

Cant Associates

Arne is a focused, natural and passionate speaker capable of tailoring his message to his audience and adapting to the needs of the occasion on the day with agility. Arne’s insights into parenting, family relationships and adolescent mental wellbeing are relevant to every Australian. His message is preventative and therefore relevant to even the most functional families. His insights for time poor corporate parents are practical and actionable. Dr Rubinstein also offers an inspirational personal story, which demonstrates he has walked his talk. He has forsaken the trimmings of a successful career in private medical practice to achieve real success in scaling programs to connect fathers and sons and mothers and daughters. Where so many others fail, he has built a successful national NGO from the ground up and understands the challenges of innovators and entrepreneurs. For these reasons, I would strongly endorse Dr Rubinstein as a professional speaker for a range of event styles.

Lion Nathan

I thought he was excellent, great content and down to earth.

Delegate, Mission Australia Communities for Children