Dominic Thurbon

Change Agent & Provocative Keynote Speaker 

Dominic Thurbon is a change agent who has worked with companies and communities around Australia and the world to help them crack the code for driving innovation, future-proofing their workforce and developing brands that really matter.

Provocative, dynamic and thought leading, he is a keynote speaker who likes nothing more than to disrupt current thinking and encourage his audiences to ‘drive', rather than ‘manage' change.

As a global strategy consultant driving change innovation, Dom challenges the implicit assumptions that are running rampant in our lives and our companies... assumptions like how we compete and how we create value.

As co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Karrikins Group - a fast-growth consulting firm with over 120 staff delivering projects across 13 countries reaching almost one million people a year - Dom has applied his expertise in community strategy, corporate responsibility and innovation to design some of the largest education and behaviour change programs in the world. With global clients that include Apple, Commonwealth Bank, Lexus, Microsoft and IBM, Dom's approach has been proven multiple times.

Dom has led research on bestsellers published in over 15 countries and is co-author of the bestselling Matter: How to Become the Obvious Choice, released through Random House in 2015. He is also a world top-10 debater, and internationally engaged keynote speaker in the fields of transformation, technology, collaboration and innovation.

Dominic Thurbon speaks about:

How to become the Obvious Choice - In B2B, B2C, and even job markets, it's getting harder to differentiate, compete and win. In this provocative presentation, Dom unpacks the major disruptive forces redefining the way business is being done, and value is being created. Using inspiring, real-world case studies he shows how a diverse array of companies are responding effectively; demonstrates how products, services and brands matter to customers and staff; and provides the formula for effectively dealing with, and thriving in, times of disruption and change.

Insights into the Secret Science of Behaviour Change - Have you ever needed to change the way staff, leaders or even customers think, act and buy? Changenomics is the ultimate equation for driving change in your organisation and really making it stick! Dominic Thurbon developed Changenomics through years of research and first-hand experience in deploying award-winning change programs to over 300,000 people a year. In this eye-opening and dynamic presentation, Dominic will leave your audience the tools to make change happen in their teams (and for themselves!); drive more innovation and collaboration in your team or business; attract, engage and retain the next generation of workers; and thrive in the workplace of the future.

If Only We All Knew What We All Knew - To get ahead in the knowledge economy, companies must capture the expertise already floating around inside their four walls. Using everything from better technology to better meeting discipline, unleashing collaboration is a sure-fire way to drive innovation, productivity and engagement. In this insightful, empowering presentation, Dominic will give you the five behaviours to unleash collaboration, both personally and organizationally; identify the common barriers to making it happen and show how they can overcome; and demonstrate the link between collaboration and innovation, productivity and engagement.

Making Innovation Happen - For too many companies, innovation is just a ‘value' or a ‘buzzword', not a practice that we all engage in every day. Based on first-hand experience around the world and deep global research, in this dynamic and empowering session Dominic will identify the five drivers of innovation in your business and how to leverage them; unpack compelling strategies to get every individual in your team to approach work with an innovation-mindset; and outline practical, real strategies for creating an environment that drives innovation

Client testimonials

Dominic is a fantastic, dynamic presenter who really demystified the whole thing for us. His presentation was engaging, entertaining and – best of all – really valuable to us in the way we work.


We had the pleasure of Dom Thurbon presenting to the team. It made us think very differently and we were all buzzing with new ideas at the end of the session. We would highly recommend Dom to work with your team – you will certainly be engaged, challenged and very creative with your approach.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Dominic’s impressive knowledge, sense of humour and style inspired our staff around the potential to unleash collaboration and innovation in our organisation. He crafted a presentation that was right on brief and extremely relevant given the present climate of rapid change in the education and training industry. His passion is contagious and he speaks the right language to affect real behaviour change.

Charles Darwin University

The room was just buzzing after you finished and so many of our members told me how much they had enjoyed your session. It was a highly entertaining, thoughtful, informative, fun and very relevant session to our group of HR Directors, few of whom would be immune to the challenges you described around building a collaborative technology culture, regardless of the size of their organisation or the industry in which they operate.

CEO Forum Group

Dominic delivered a series of presentations for our senior client audience. His presentations were right on brief and really inspired people about the potential to unleash collaboration and innovation in their organisations. He speaks the language of business, understands business models and tailors his message to suit the audience. His dynamic and engaging style affects real behavioural and attitudinal change and his entertaining and energetic style made him a real hit with the audience.