Di Westaway

Motivational dynamo, women's health expert, founder of Wild Women on Top

Di Westaway has inspired thousands of people to achieve goals they never thought possible and she can help your team to achieve extraordinary results too. She is a strong advocate of women's health and education and she seeks to empower women to achieve extraordinary goals.

Di is the founder and Managing Director of Wild Women on Top, an adventure fitness company, and Coastrek, which supports The Fred Hollows Foundation. Di's vision for a healthier world has helped thousands of people to get fitter and tens of thousands of people to receive the gift of sight. In the past 5 years, Wild Women On Top has raised over $2 million dollars for charity. 

With a lifetime of experience and achievement in fitness, public relations, fundraising and corporate speaking and

exceptional motivational skills, Di can help you discover how to have the life you want, and how to set and achieve remarkable goals. Whether you want to increase your income, improve your work/life balance, improve your health and fitness, find a new relationship, become the Managing Director or have more fun, Di will lead you on amazing adventures. In the process you will realise the power of motivation, self-belief and persistence.

Di is a highly inspirational and in-demand speaker for conventions and corporate conferences. During informative, practical, inspirational and dynamic presentations, Di speaks to audiences with wisdom, delivering anecdotes and stories of her team's successes as well as the immense challenges she's had along the way. Her corporate clients include Citibank, Barclay's Capital, Adobe, Allen's Arthur Robinson, Filex and ORIC.

In addition to being National and runner-up Australian National champion in three different sports, Di has worked as a teacher, journalist, radio producer and project manager. She is also an author and her 2011 book, How to Prepare for World Class Treks, is nearly sold out. Along the way, Di Westaway has found time to summit Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mt Kinabalu (Borneo), Mt Fansipan (North Vietnam), Mt Elbrus (Russia) and Mt Aconcagua (Argentina), Mt Aspiring,(NZ), and Advance Base Camp on the North side of Mt Everest, Tibet.

Client testimonials

Di Westaway is hard core. ..She relentlessly pushes her charges to take them to new heights. Yet her steel is tempered by a warm heart which reaches out when needed. Through her unique style and enormous experience, Di creates not only individual strength but also a deep team spirit in the groups she trains.

Voila! Brigitte Muir O.A.M.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us. I for one left that night feeling a little lighter and with a feeling of anything is possible firmly within my grasp and I know I wasn’t the only one! The number of questions you fielded on the night clearly demonstrated the fact that you had struck a chord with so many women and I have received quite a few emails thanking us for the inspiration you provided.

Working Women’s Network

Di's rivetting stories kept our finance department spell bound as they relived the adventures of her amazing Wild Women. She proved to us that we can all achieve remarkable goals if we "never, never, never give up" and that an extreme adventure challenge will inspire us to be the healthiest we've ever been.


Thank you Dianne and your Wild Women on Top team for a great day out. Your talk inspired us all to look for our personal and professional mountains to climb and motivated several of our team players to plan their trek on the real rock versions. Every player on our team enjoyed the walk. There was something in it for everyone. For those with their ego on their sleeve they could go hard and fast. For those who wanted to swing along in the sun we could chat and engage. Following our wild experience we used many analogies and metaphors from the day to talk about team, goals, purpose, and vision. You are a real warrior against sedentary death syndrome. Thank you!

Australian Institute of Fitness

Now I get it. We’ve tried all sorts of social activities, drinks nights and things. Trying to get the staff communicating better. But nothing has ever worked like a Wild Walk.

Stellar Group

Di's energy and vitality came oozing through every word she spoke, passion and commitment was never in question. The fact that she conveyed her message that every 'woman' (really everyone) has their own mountain discover it and go conquer it but never never never give up on yourself.


Just wanted to Thank you for a fantastic presentation today. Your energy was so contagious, and what appealed to me the most was that the stories (both yours and your team's) reflect every day, ordinary women achieving their dreams and goals. Very inspirational.

Personal Mortgage Advisor

It was an absolute pleasure to have you inspire and motivate some of the women in our workplace. It was a brilliant way to start the day and the things you talked about really resonated with a lot of us working in a career in finance which is so time intensive. I have learned that I can push a little harder and fit more things into my day if I want to. We appreciate you coming in an offering some insight into how you set and achieve what seem like "unattainable" goals. It just shows that us ordinary people who never never never give up can really have it all!

Barclays Capital, Commodities

Di clearly has some brilliant concepts and ideas, is a dynamic and inspiring presenter. I think her sharing some of her personal story showed great guts, courage, self awareness and conviction.