Aboriginal keynote speaker, MC, artist, dancer and actor

Dhinawan, a descendant of Gamillaroi Bigambul tribe, AKA Mick Baker, is one of Indigenous Australia's most engaging, articulate and entertaining public speakers and one of its busiest cultural ambassadors.

Known for his spontaneous, straight-from-the-heart cultural commentary, Dhinawan's keynote speaking style has attracted high profile organisations such as Telstra, Foxtel, Oxfam, Australia Council of Educational Leaders, The King's School, Fosters Group Limited, Quicksilver, and Tourism Australia.

When not spearheading anti-bullying programs in primary schools and painting boards for pro surfer Kelly Slater, Dhinawan travels regularly overseas to perform in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland, and Italy.

In recognition of his work, Dhinawan received the 2010 Premier's Encouragement Award for Excellence in Aboriginal Communities in 'Education, Knowledge & Learning'.

Founder and front man of Dhinawan Dreaming, the Byron Bay-based entertainer uses the mediums of dance, song and storytelling to promote cultural awareness and understanding in a humorous, insightful and thought-provoking way. Dhinawan Dreaming offers cultural workshops to schools, preschools, universities (following NSW Aboriginal Education Policy guidelines), various organisations and corporate. He is AIMSC certified.

From children's workshops, music festivals and forums to conferences, seminars and private parties, Dhinawan's charismatic presentations have made him a recognised name on the national and international stage. Audiences of all ages are immediately captivated by his dynamic, spontaneous, straight-from-the heart cultural commentary. Dhinawan has presented to organisations including Telstra, Audi, Australian Council for Education Leaders, Tourism Australia, BP Australia, Fosters Group and The King's School.

Dhinawan's professional portfolio of compelling presentations is tailored to suit the client and the brief. Equipped with wisdom beyond his years and a natural gift of the gab, Dhinawan brings a refreshing style to the keynote speaker circuit.

He has also established a corroboree program called the Deadly Dancers, which includes more than 80 kids aged 5-17, which performs in primary and secondary schools and at events such as Splendour in the Grass, Quiksilver Pro and the NRL All Stars game.

As an educator, Dhinawan is a respected cultural ambassador and adheres to the NSW Aboriginal Education Policy guidelines. His teaching schedule includes school children of all ages, as well as students and teachers at some of Australia's leading educational institutions.

As an entertainer,  Dhinawan has showcased his talents in events from comedy shows and cultural awareness programs to didgeridoo performances and traditional Aboriginal dances.

Dhinawan talks about:

Motivation, cultural awareness, Aboriginal art, Aboriginal history, education, environment, leadership, bush medicine and plants, general Indigenous Australia, Indigenous youth, reconciliation, implementing successful strategies to work with Aboriginal People.

Client testimonials

This young man presents in a way that engages the audience to feel part of his story and the manner that he presents his culture and background brings together facts and myths about his aboriginal culture. He captivated the audience throughout the entire presentation and I believe the success in this is that he does not use Audio Visual or computer generated presentation – perfectly articulated from his wealth of knowledge handed down from his people.

Post School Programs Forum, Northern Region

Dhinawan has the capacity to engage audiences from every demographic. Whether it be children, (boys/girls), teenagers, adults (men/ women), corporates (private and government), Dhinawan’s ability to capture and hold his audience in the moment is indeed his strength that is firmly characterised by his passionate, personable nature. Participants are provided with a truly enjoyable, interesting and informative session which facilitates a sense of empowerment for other Indigenous peoples together with a sense of acknowledgement, understanding, acceptance and appreciation from the wider community.

Contact First Business Solutions

Audi Australia hired Dhinawan to perform during a conference at Byron Bay with local and overseas guests to create an understanding of Aboriginal History through the eyes of an Aboriginal person. Dhinawan promoted awareness and understanding about indigenous Australia using Aboriginal dances, song and Dreamtime storytelling by involving the viewers at all times. He ended his showing with a very inspiring and motivational dialogue with most of the guests still referring to it now.

Audi Australia

As a keynote speaker Dhinawan is articulate and engaging … Dhinawan showcases Indigenous culture with passion and style, he has the ability to adapt individual needs by addressing the topic requested to all types of audiences from the professional to community and individual, both adult and children.

Telstra Operations

Dhinawan has worked with Branches and National Office of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders since 2006 and has opened many conferences with his remarkable facilitation of Acknowledgement to Country. He has also spoken at many conferences and really made a difference in the schools in which he has worked. We have continued to use and promote Dhinawan as he and his team are inspiring on one hand but also reliable and conscientious in completing the tasks required. I commend Dhinawan for any speaking engagement knowing that the client will be extremely satisfied.

Australian Council for Educational Leaders

Very well received by participants...very good adlib speaker on culture and providing examples of culture, environment and partnerships.

NSW Ministry of Health