David Penglase

Behavioural Scientist, Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

David Penglase is an expert on disrupting organisational and individual behaviour in order to help people achieve their best when it comes to sales, leadership, and customer service.

A behavioural scientist, David draws on his expertise to deliver engaging keynotes at conferences and facilitate masterclasses. He is renowned for sharing his proven tips and strategies on how positivity and trust relationships impact:

  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Customer experience
  • Employee experience, and
  • Every measure of success in our professional and personal lives.

Inducted into Australia's Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, David travels nationally and internationally, working with top tier corporations and associations to deliver his high-energy, high-content and entertaining presentations, that wow audiences, shift mindsets and change behaviours.

Supporting his two decades of conference speaking experience, David has degrees in Business and the Psychology of Adult Learning, an MBA, a Master Degree in Professional Ethics, and a Master of Science degree in Applied Positive Psychology.

He is the author of the Amazon best-seller Intentionomics - the impact of our intentions on living happy, flourishing and prosperous lives, and The Art & Science of Building Customer Trust - How to fast-track trust and earn new, repeat and referral business.

David Penglase talks about:

Sales - The Art and Science of Building Customer Trust: How to fast-track trust in disruptive and competitive markets to win more new, repeat and referral clients

Customer Experience - The Art and Science of Building Customer Trust: How to create a culture of customer-obsession to deliver exceptional customer experiences

Leadership - The Art and Science of Building Leadership Trust: How to lead with more clarity, character and integrity where your business thrives and your people flourish.

Individual / Team Motivation / Inspiration - The Art and Science of Building Intentional Trust Relationships: How to develop more confidence for self-trust, more courage to trust others and more competence and character to earn others' trust.

Disruption - The Art and Science of Intentional Clarity: How to silence the noise of disruption to gain clarity, build resilience, optimism and success.

Client testimonials

I meet and hear some of this country’s most prominent guest speakers. I have to say that few, if any, were able to match the style, delivery and impact of David’s presentation.

AM Club, Sydney

I feel that I had learnt more with you in one morning than in four weeks in another course.


Putting our Business Development Managers through your course was the best training we provided the team last year. As a result of implementing the tools and techniques from the course we have achieved from a 20% and up to 50% improvement in our results.

Commonwealth Bank, Sydney

Thank you for the inspirational presentation, I know the group where very enthused.  Its good to have someone from the outside come in a reinforce in another way to drive home our approach to customer service and the process.

Solatube Australia

Just writing to let you know the feedback from your conference presentation has been amazing from all staff and management.

Bright & Duggan