David Irvine

Former Director General of ASIO

Very few people are more qualified to counsel Australian companies on the threats of cyber security than David Irvine, who retired in 2014 as Director General of Australia Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and was a former head of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS).

Fundamental to good leadership and effective business resilience is an understanding of the environment in which the business, its clients, its competitors and its staff must operate and David Irvine is at the cutting edge of global trends affecting societies, businesses and individual citizens.

David provides a compelling narrative that everybody should hear. Cyber security is a real threat in today's world and he is in a rare position to counsel Australian companies on both the dangers and the solutions.

More about David Irvine:

David Irvine is unique in the history of Australian intelligence, a long-serving diplomat who is the only person to have served as the head of both Australia's foreign intelligence collection agency and its domestic security agency - positions he held for a total of twelve years. His extensive experience in the management of national intelligence agencies in a liberal democratic political system and under the Rule of Law gives him a special perspective on national security issues, including the countering of terrorism, espionage and other covert threats to national security.

David Irvine is a leader who has had to manage complex government organisations covering a wide range of disciplines and skill sets. He has worked extensively with businesses on cyber security issues and with community and other groups focused on the governance of national security agencies and the relationship between national security and civil liberties.

With an extensive diplomatic background, David has a wealth of experience working on Asian affairs and Australia's relationships in the fastest growing economic region in the world. David has served in Rome, Jakarta, Beijing, Hong Kong and Port Moresby. He was High Commissioner in PNG and Australia's Ambassador to China, Mongolia and North Korea.

David Irvine has a bachelor degree with honours in Arts from the University of Western Australia. He has an honorary Doctorate of Letters from that university and an honorary Doctorate of Science from Edith Cowan University.

He is currently a Visiting Fellow of the National Security College within the Australian National University, and at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, and Chairman of the Board of the Australian Cyber Security Research Institute.

David Irvine was made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in 2005 for services to the promotion of Australia's international relations.

With the view that ‘companies can thrive if they pay attention to their surround circumstance', David Irvine is an in-demand speaker at events on intelligence, national and cyber security, leadership, future trends and more.