Daryl Elliott Green

Keynote Speaker on Bravery, Courage, Resilience

Daryl Elliott Green's life was shattered in 2000 when he was twice shot in the face and shoulder while on a routine police call out. Despite terrible injuries, he drew his firearm and began searching for the gunman.

Following the incident, Daryl fought the physical and emotional scars he was left with, including a decade of life-threatening depression and PTSD.

For his actions that night, he received Queensland Police's highest accolade for bravery, the 'Valour Award', and a 'Group Bravery Citation' from the Governor-General of Australia, Sir Peter Cosgrove. He was also featured in an episode on Australian Story.

Today, Daryl draws on his experiences to deliver empowering keynote presentations and workshops on bravery, courage and resilience. His inspiring life lessons help people overcome fear and reach their true potential: ‘Nothing lasts forever, there's always hope, it may not be an easy journey but it is within your reach.'

People have described his Twice Shot talks as ...'Incredible', 'dynamic', 'amazing', 'courageous', 'moving', and 'powerful'.

More about Daryl Elliot:

On the evening of the shooting, Daryl was completing a stint on night shift. Instructed to attend a domestic dispute, he arrived on the scene and jumped into a colleague's vehicle to discuss the approach.

Little did they know, minutes later they would be ambushed by a crazed gunman who shot Daryl twice at close range, leaving him seriously wounded.

Daryl survived his injuries but went on to suffer years of debilitating depression. It wasn't until his psychiatrist suggested to him 'the gunman is winning' that he became determined to fight back.

Little by little, Daryl started to rebuild his life. Understandably though, he couldn't shake his profound fear of firearms so, in an extraordinary feat of courage, he decided to become a firearms instructor. Despite his flashbacks and over-reactions, he eventually passed the course and overcame his greatest fear.

Daryl's recovery inspired a new career direction. With a natural gift for public speaking, he now finds himself in demand as an empowering keynote speaker who offers audiences the powerful life lessons that come from surviving, rising and thriving through a real-life storm. Drawing on his harrowing experiences - from horrific injury to eventual physical, mental and emotional recovery - he bullet-proofs teams and leaders and shows then that the qualities of bravery, courage and resilience lie within us all.

In 2015, Daryl was awarded the prestigious Kerrie Nairn Scholarship offered by Professional Speakers Australia (PSA) to an emerging speaker believed to be the 'next big thing'. PSA is one of only two national associations which grants the international Certified Speaking Professional designation. It's also the only organisation in Australia representing members of the professional speaking industry.

Daryl's Ideal Audience

Daryl's ideal audience is everybody. Everybody who wants to be entertained and enthralled by an inspiring story.

Corporates hire Daryl when they want a motivational speaker to bullet proof their teams and leaders. He's especially helpful to organisations who are looking to accept and embrace change, and to capitalise on the great rewards change can bring.

Daryl's story is also highly relatable to emergency services as his experiences resonate with staff exposed to high stress/high risk work environments. Few speakers have Daryl's credibility; they haven't endured what he has and lived to tell the tale.

Daryl has also spoken to audiences involved in mental health and PTSD.

Twice Shot presentations can be customised to any audience and can incorporate multimedia, including actual audio of the shooting, 3D computer modelling, 2D schematics and CSI style analysis to create a truly immersive experience.

His topics include:

Resilience: survive, rise and thrive in difficult situations

  • Develop and grow resilience;
  • Ask for and accept help;
  • Accept and adjust to change;
  • Capitalise on the advantages change brings

Courageous conversations: say the right thing and follow up

  • Prepare for a difficult conversation;
  • Know why, how and when to step up and start a difficult conversation
  • Ask questions that stimulate agile thinking and explore new possibilities
  • Discern the most important thing after a difficult conversation

Leadership: lead others through a firestorm

  • Prioritise under pressure;
  • Navigate people through and out of difficult times;
  • Build rock-solid trust;
  • Motivate people for maximum achievement during and after challenging events

Brave decisions: evaluate tough choices and make decisions you and others can live with

  • Evaluate choices while following your gut instinct to make brave decisions;
  • Avoid panicking about tough decisions;
  • Analyse and make committed decisions;
  • Stay on course and sleep easy at night

Daryl draws on his experience on the night of the shooting to demonstrate his key messages. An audio of the actual shooting can be played, at your discretion.

Client testimonials

I had the pleasure of witnessing Daryl’s presentation?in 2015. It was easily one of the best I’ve seen – moving, informative and very entertaining. The first thing that struck me was the courage required to re-live that horrific event in order to try and help others who had suffered similarly. Then there was the mental strength needed to?go from a depressed state to standing up in front of an audience and not only telling a demanding story, but doing it in such an entertaining and informative way. Daryl deserves our thanks and our congratulations on what he’s doing for the community. If you have an opportunity to see his presentation live don’t miss it

Ian Chappell, Australian Cricket Captain 1971-1975

The response to your resilience presentation has been overwhelming, so much so we have had you return three times over the past nine months. Feedback?from each of the sessions has been exceptional, including: ‘I felt humbled and privileged to have had the opportunity to hear Daryl speak. It was a powerful and moving three hour presentation from a truly courageous and resilient man, interspersed with good humour and audience interaction. I hope Daryl never tires of imparting his experiences and learnings. I came away with a great perspective on how sweating the small stuff is truly such a waste of time’.


Our leadership team’s workshop with Daryl was very powerful and delivered a number of key messages that have truly resonated with all that were there. Daryl’s personal insights into what has been an incredibly challenging period of his life opened up a range of conversations and created an opportunity for people to reflect on the importance of people and teams… I recommend Daryl’s workshop unreservedly – a true investment of time which exceeded my expectations.

Sinclair Knight Merz