Darren Morton

Educating, energising & empowering individuals & teams

Dr Darren Morton presents Hard-Wired for Higher Living, a series of life-skills presentations that educates, energises and empowers individuals and teams to take life-changing leaps.

Revealing cutting edge information about how we are hard-wired to function best, Dr Morton lays the foundation for personal effectiveness and life richness. He revitalises workplaces by equipping audiences with skills and strategies that enable life mastery, thus empowering them to effectively contribute to the workplace.

Highly entertaining, Dr Morton is passionate about life and empowering others to get the most out of it. In his presentations he connects with audiences and radiates an infectious energy level, while sharing information and insights in a fun and entertaining way.

Living his own message, by the age of 30 Dr Morton had achieved a PhD degree in Human Physiology - the science of how humans work, had lectured at University level for almost 10 years, was recognised as a world-leading researcher, and a national level athlete.

Dr Morton has numerous publications, is the recipient of the Fitness Industry Author of the Year Award and has delivered hundreds of well-received presentations. Presently he is a Senior Lecturer at Avondale College and the Director of the Avondale Centre for Exercise Sciences.

Focusing on change and transformation from the inside out, Dr Morton's presentations are perfect for conferences and seminars.

Dr Darren Morton talks about:

The Five Secrets to Feeling Fantastic:  The Limbic System is the part of the brain responsible for our emotions, as well as our drives, memory and fundamental aspects of our health.  A fun and dynamic presentation teaching individuals how to be hard-wired for health, happiness and peak performance.

Client testimonials

Darren’s presentations combine energy, a unique zest for life and humour, with the content well-grounded in science. This combination is applicable to any individual wanting more out of their life. The evaluations from his presentation were incredibly high scoring in all respects.

Sydney Adventist Hospital

Darren’s motivation workshop was the best group exercise I have ever participated in. The result from the workshop was an energised and uplifted team of colleagues who were focused and galvanised to work with spirit, energy and motivation.

Sanitarium Health Food Company

'Darren Morton is one of the best speakers I've ever hired, and I've had the Who's Who in motivation on my stage. Stellar content. Incredibly entertaining delivery. Completely charismatic. He was the hit of our high end event in Fiji.'

Patrick Coombs, Lifepath Unlimited

The overall feedback to the session was extremely positive with delegates giving Dr Darren Morton’s session the highest rating overall.

Australian Fitness Network