Danny Frawley

Australian AFL legend and men's health advocate

Danny Frawley has earned the reputation as a football legend having played for St Kilda for eight years, coached Richmond, been the boss of AFLCA and the assistant coach for St Kilda. He is also a media commentator and broadcaster.

In 2017, Danny revealed his struggle with mental health and subsequent breakdown. This was the catalyst for his journey to a healthy wellbeing.

Today Danny uses his leadership and motivational skills, and draws on his personal experiences, to raise awareness of men's health issues, particularly in rural communities. By telling his story, he encourages others to take responsibility for their health.

His advice to others struggling with similar problems is to be honest and talk about it with loved ones instead of hiding it and living a lie.

More about Danny Frawley:

Determined and hard-working, Danny credits his career to a young life spent working on his family's 700 acre potato farm in the country town of Bungaree. It was here, working with his family, that he gained a solid country grounding, shaping the man he is today.

Danny enjoyed an outstanding career in AFL, representing his state 12 times and playing 240 games with St Kilda. He captained the team from 1987-1995.

In the media world, Danny has worked with Fox Sports and SEN. He has created his own radio program 'No Man Should Ever Walk Alone' as a platform to open the conversation surrounding men's health. His program airs on SEN each Monday evening and each week the show brings together a mix of sporting legends and medical professionals for an hour of informative and supportive discussion around various topics of Men's health. Whether commentating, presenting or delivering unique content, Danny's style is engaging, insightful and much loved by fans.

Danny is known for his infectious good humour, down to earth nature and passion for giving back, particularly through his role as a Sacred Heart Mission Ambassador.

Danny Frawley speaks about:

In previous years, Danny would have been embarrassed to talk about his mental health. However, now he knows depression is a mental illness, not a weakness, and hopes the stigma around mental health issues can be removed. He is also a true believer that physical health and lifestyle has an impact on mental health. In his presentations he addresses key areas (some of which are also listed in the Victorian Health Priorities Framework 2012-2022).

In doing so, he aims to :

  • Break down the stigma associated with mental health by presenting an open and captivating summary of his lived experiences, and
  • Increase our understanding of men's physical health issues, encouraging men to take their physical and mental health seriously and have an annual health check.

Danny talks about having a balance, being able to 'hit the pause button' and be mindful.

His presentation is a great way for corporate companies to not only show their support for employees but also to assist in creating environments to open the conversation about physical and mental health and remind men to prioritise their health. Note: Danny's presentation is equally as important for women to be a part of, given they can be the driving force encouraging partners to take their health seriously.