Daniel Flynn

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Thankyou

At the age of 19 (in 2008), struck by global poverty and excess consumer spending, Daniel Flynn and a group of friends founded Thankyou Water (now Thankyou) - a social enterprise that exists to empower people to play a part in ending global poverty through simple everyday purchases.

Thankyou gives 100% of profits from its range of over 38 consumer products across water, body care and food that fund safe water access, hygiene and sanitation programs and food aid respectively. In July 2016 Thankyou will launch its fourth product range, Thankyou baby with a range of nappies, wipes and baby body care products, 100% of the profits from which will go fund child and maternal health services.

Under Daniel's leadership, the social enterprise has given over $4.1 million to projects in 17 countries including Australia. As at April 2016, Thankyou has funded safe water access for 192,367 people, hygiene and sanitation programs for 302,814 people and over 19.1 million days' access to immediate food aid on top of their long-term food solutions to people in need.

One of Daniel's mottos is 'impossibility is only someone's opinion, not a fact'. This foundational belief in action has seen him navigate the team at Thankyou through obstacles in the start-up journey, and two bold and ambitious marketing campaigns to gain awareness and get the range successfully stocked in 7 Eleven, Coles and Woolworths.

Through hard work and determination, Thankyou products are stocked in over 4000 outlets across Australia.

In 2014, Daniel was named Victorian Young Australian of the Year and an honoree in the JCI Ten Outstanding People of the World program. In 2015, Daniel was awarded the 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Southern Region. Consecutively in 2015 and 2016, Daniel Flynn, Justine Flynn and Jarryd Burns were named number 2 and number 1 in the Smart Company Hot 30 Under 30 awards.

In February 2016, Thankyou launched a bold campaign to raise $1.2million to fund the future of the business through the sale of a book called Chapter One, penned by Daniel and sold at a pay what you want price. It tells the raw and real seven-year start-up story of Thankyou. Chapter One draws out life lessons and inspiration for all readers proving that they have the power to change stuff.

The Chapter One campaign was disruptive, bold, daring and successful. In 28 days Thankyou sold over 50,000 books and raised over $1.4 million. The funding will enable Thankyou to launch 'thankyou baby' in July 2016 and Thankyou New Zealand - their first leap overseas to prove that the model can work on a global scale.

Thankyou has received over 800 media features across, traditional and social media and marketing channels. Daniel has been featured across notable media titles including The Project, Business Insider, Money Magazine, Virgin Magazine, Channel Seven News, The Daily Edition, Channel Seven's Sunrise, The Huffington Post, Smart Company, and Australian Financial Review.

Daniel talks about....

  • The Thankyou Journey - A story of how to turn dreams into reality
  • The Thankyou journey is the story of three kids from Melbourne, Australia, with zero experience in business, who had an idea and the crazy belief that we all have the power to change stuff. It started with the realisation of how significant the World Water Crisis was (and is) and an idea on how to take the billions of dollars spent on bottled water each year to help end it. Thankyou has developed into an award-winning consumer goods brand that empowers millions of people to fight poverty with every munch of muesli, sip of water or pump of hand wash. Daniel will share the story of epic proportions - full of tough decisions, wild mistakes and daring moves. You will laugh at their boldness, cry at their failings and be inspired to challenge convention, and reminded that you have the power to turn your ideas into reality and change stuff.

  • Leadership - it's learning, just in front of more people
  • Daniel, Co-founder and Managing Director of Thankyou, was a kid with a crazy and bold belief that he, with a group of friends, could create a product and Impact model that would play a significant role in ending the World Water Crisis. Nearly 8 years on, Thankyou have given over $4.1million to projects in 17 countries through their water, food and body care products. This hasn't happened by accident. Daniel has skilfully led a rapidly growing team on a journey full of tough decisions, wild mistakes and daring moves that has developed Thankyou into an award-winning consumer goods brand. Daniel will share lessons learnt as an organisation, and as a leader - both successes and challenges - that will empower, equip and challenge you to grow and learn as a leader in whatever sphere you operate in.

  • Disruptive Marketing
  • Daniel, Co-founder and Managing Director of Thankyou, isn't afraid to disrupt and challenge the status quo. The Thankyou team have become known for their innovative and bold marketing campaigns, mobilising the power of the people and engaging a movement through social media. As Daniel shares the story of Thankyou, and their crazy, wild campaigns to date, he will share insights, lessons and philosophies that have enabled Thankyou to have such cut-through and success in the disruptive marketing space. You will be inspired, creativity will be unleashed and the ceiling of possibility will be lifted as you laugh, cry and celebrate with Daniel through the Thankyou journey