Caitlin Iles

Venture Capitalist, Disruptive Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

Caitlin Iles is a highly respected venture capitalist, angel investor, and business advisor.
She is also an entrepreneur who enjoys nothing more than disrupting complete industries and an activist for women in business.

Once described by Sir Richard Branson as "a game-changer and force to be reckoned with", Caitlin's keynote presentations are filled with wisdoms that will unlock human potential and empower performance. But more than that, they're loaded with inspiring insights gained from a life of achievement despite the challenges she has faced along the way.

More about Caitlin Iles:

Caitlin began her career in psychology, helping to rehabilitate drug dependent people. She went on to work across a wide variety of industry sectors, among them advertising, advisory and enterprise. Caitlin has established businesses in the Middle East (UAE), Europe and in Australia. She has worked with some of the world's most respected companies (e.g. Staples), delivering disruptive projects that have revolutionised how complete industries operate.

Caitlin helped raise close to $100m and establish what is now Australia's largest and most active venture capital portfolio at Artesian Venture Partners.

She is an integral member of Capital xx, a sister fund to the portfolio that was set up to invest in up to 500 female founded, early-stage, globally scalable businesses in Australia, Asia and the USA. The aim of Capital xx is to start correcting the undersupply of funding for female founders globally and allow investors to capitalise on the fact that women have been shown to consistently outperform their male counterparts in VC portfolios and deliver significantly higher returns.

Caitlin describes herself simply as a "disruptor", who is passionate about unlocking human potential through entrepreneurship and by investing in underutilised, high potential and high value talent, in order to create a better world for all.

Arguably her most significant achievement is managing to do all this, despite being dyslexic and in her words "close to illiterate" at the start of her final year of school. Caitlin is living proof that the road to success doesn't have to take a traditional path and that anything is possible if you are prepared to face your fears, work hard and refuse to give up.

Caitlin Iles speaks about:

  • Your Greatest Weakness Is Your Greatest Strength: Caitlin's inspiring personal story of how accepting and embracing her learning disability (dyslexia) has been the key to her success
  • Venture Capital: Investing in the future
  • Women: The greatest missed opportunity in business
  • Leadership: Feminine leadership for men and the business case for why it should be adopted
  • Mental Health and Startups: Is entrepreneurship genius or madness?
  • Mind Set and Performance: The rise of the super entrepreneur

Client testimonials

Hearing Caitlin speak can change your life for ever, she is nothing short of amazing and a true inspiration. Our students love hearing her speak.

Harvard University

Simply Amazing!

City of Melbourne

Powerful, compelling, inspiring and educational all rolled into one.

Financial Services Institute of Australasia

Caitlin’s a pleasure to work with and a true inspiration. Given Caitlin’s experience working in marketing and advertising, she provides a wonderful role model and shows anything is possible for our members. I look forward to working together in the future.

Media Federation of Australia

A leader in the VC and Startup ecosystem – smart, insightful, inspiring and funny, I love hearing her present.

Startup Victoria