Bruce Copley

Ordinary won't change the world 

Dr Bruce Copley, the founder of AAHA Learning, has pioneered a revolutionary holistic approach to learning, widely acknowledged as the "missing link" in education, training, communication and management. By stimulating and involving the whole person mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially, human potential is optimised and the limitless learner within reawakened. 

Were you, like tens of millions of people worldwide inspired, impressed, and / or touched by the film Dead Poets Society? Bruce has been dubbed a real life version of the inspiring poetry teacher played by Robin Williams in the film.

Utilising a remarkable array of unique experiences, exercises and activities such as fire making, music, drama, poetry, comedy, story telling, didgeridoo playing, and many other forms of "edutainment", Bruce transforms conventional and mundane sitting practices into vibrant and captivating moving experiences. The key to his unmitigated worldwide success as a speaker and animator is his extraordinary ability to actively and passionately engage the audience in the discovery, exploration and application of holistic tools and techniques that breathe life into education, learning and communication. Bruce Copley's presentations are unforgettable lived experiences.

In an ever changing world where powers of reasoning, creativity and vision are of paramount importance, a new open minded approach to education and learning is called for. The power of AAHA Learning is succinctly described in a quote by Eric Butterworth:

"When the ties of learning and the chains of conditioning that bind the human mind and heart again and again, are loosed and we are introduced to ourselves, the real self that has no limitations, then the bells of heaven ring for joy and we are thrust forward into a grand rendezvous with life."  

2,500 years ago Confucius said "Tell them and they will forget, show them and they may remember, but involve them and they will understand". We all know that the inherent truth of this statement has been around as long as the principle of aerodynamics - which is forever! We also know that 90 percent of information we receive is soon forgotten which means that we are operating at a fraction of our full potential.  Very simply, if we apply the principle of holistic learning by whole person involvement as effectively as we apply the principle of aerodynamics, we will fly!

"Ice breakers" are commonly used to open, relax and warm delegates followed by "big freeze" tactics that bombard delegates with facts, information, complex models, endless monologues, Power Point presentations and quotes that are largely forgotten within hours if not minutes.

The innovative seminars and learningshops presented by Dr Bruce Copley and associates of AAHA Learning are client focused and driven, honouring the principle of customer delight.

Presentations (1 to 3 hours) and learning shops (1 to 5 days) cover a wide range of topics and experiences such as:

  • Creating Workplace Community - one of our most successful internationally acclaimed programmes that go way beyond conventional teambuilding interventions
  • Change-itis - are you fighting, fleeing, fumbling, freezing or flowing?
  • A Holistic Perspective of the Value and Assets of a Business - Intangible Value
  • Holistic intelligence
  • The art and science of holistic animation
  • Lessons from the Original Fire
  • Inspinable Management....catalyzing and optimising human potential in the workplace
  • Putting the Heart and Soul back into Business
  • Total customer satisfaction : Integrating customer service and delight
  • Accelerated Learning through Whole Brain Thinking
  • Accessing your Creative Genius - The Genie within
  • Lessons from Nature and the natural order
  • Customised Launches, Ceremonies, Weddings and social gatherings
  • Discovering the Artist within
  • Energy of Money
  • Exploring the Wilderness Within
  • From the personal to the planetary
  • Cultivating an attitude of gratitude
  • Humour and Fun in the Workplace
  • Innovation starts with an "I"
  • Intuition: Going beyond your Senses
  • Intuitive Leadership
  • Learning to Play...Playing to Learn 
  • Let's have a Heart to Heart
  • Multi-sensory Communication
  • Music, Rhythm, Drumming, Dance and Song
  • On becoming a Provocateur
  • Paradigm Paralysis: Causes, Complications and Cures
  • Personal mastery: The alpha and the omega
  • Pleasure, fame and the riches: is there more?
  • Relationship strategies and economics
  • Soundscape Journeys 
  • The ABC of leadership: On being the CEO of your life
  • Voluntary Simplicity

Client testimonials

Dr Bruce Copley recently delivered a keynote address and a workshop at our annual International LearnX Asia Pacific 2007 Conference in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. This is the largest and most prestigious training event in Australia incorporating more than 70 speakers and 350 delegates from all over the world. Bruce proved to be a superb communicator, an energetic speaker and an excellent consultant. He was a breath of fresh air and had a very positive impact on the conference overall. The majority of the attendees rated Dr Copley’s contribution as the “highlight” of the event.

Training Australia Magazine.

Your receiving a standing ovation at a business conference is very rare indeed

Talaforum – Sweden

Reminded me of the incredible power we all hold to transform our lives

Wendy Luhabe, author of Defining Moments

Far more experiential and multidimensional than other professional development programmes

Outcomes Based Education

Elevates an organization onto a new plane of real learning


For the second successive year you were our top presenter

Management Institute of Lund(MiL), Sweden)

This method is extremely conducive to learning and these concepts are never forgotten

Sun City Resort

In all of the sessions I was privileged to have with Bruce I believe that these experiences have made me a better manager, friend, husband and father

Sun City Hotel