Bridget Clinch

Change Agent, Diversity Champion, Keynote Speaker

Bridget Clinch is an expert in leadership and management, a former infantry officer with the Australian Army and a political activist. At 32, she was the first transgender soldier to transition while serving in the Australian Army. She was pushed out of the force after she underwent gender reassignment surgery following a lengthy battle to change Defence policy and attitudes that has enabled others like her to continue their careers.

A past volunteer with the Queensland Rainbow Greens party, Bridget Clinch leads the way in combating inequality and discrimination.

Entering politics in 2016, Bridget was a candidate for the Veterans Party (federal district of Brisbane) and a candidate for the Queensland Greens (state district of Everton in 2017). In 2017 she was appointed volunteer co-convenor for the Queensland Rainbow Greens. In this capacity, she has advised the state executive, elected members, and liaised with LGBTIQ+ community stakeholders.

Bridget has a strong academic background. She completed a course in leadership at Duntroon. After discharging she studied psychology and exercise science at Queensland University of Technology. After a break from university to be more active politically, she has returned to study a Bachelor of Laws LLB at Central Queensland University to be a more effective advocate in future.

A powerful speaker, Bridget Clinch draws on her diverse personal experiences to speak to audiences about change, leadership and diversity.

Client testimonials

Bridget Clinch is such a passionate and knowledgeable speaker that we felt honoured to have her on stage for both our 2017 'Brisbane Feminist Festival' and 2019 'How to Run for Office' events in Brisbane, Queensland. Her story is engaging, her passion for creating change is contagious, and her speaking style invites open discussion, questions and conversation. She leaves her audience feeling educated about issues of injustice and, more importantly, motivated to tackle injustice at home, in their communities and in society. She is an exceptional speaker and we cannot wait to have her back in the future!

One Woman Project

I had the privilege of working with Bridget in my role as Co-Chair of Amplify at Suncorp. Amplify is Suncorp’s LGTBIQ+ inclusion focused employee resource group (ERG). Amplify was exploring the concept of the “Double Glazed Glass Ceiling” and looked externally for female panellists who could share their experiences of identifying as LGTBIQ+ and work. Bridget provided so much life and colour to the panel. It was really insightful to hear about her experiences and military background as well ask being able to share from her wealth of knowledge on inclusion more broadly and the actions both individuals and organisations can take to improve the wellbeing of others. Suncorp and Amplify were very grateful for Bridget’s participation. Bridget helped to create a narrative and dialogue on an issue that was fairly unknown at the time.


Bridget was invited to attend the Griffith LSA Women in Law Breakfast 2018 to speak on her experience in diversity activism. Bridget’s experience working with the Australian Defence Force has given her a truly unique perspective on activism and diversity. Her success in abolishing the transgender military ban demonstrates her commitment and passion and these qualities come across clearly when she speaks. We found Bridget to be not only professional and pleasant to work with, but a highly engaging speaker. Even while admitting that she was surrounded by members of a profession she did not normally engage with, she came across very comfortable and confident. She was immediately sought after by many attendees who wanted to hear more, and we received very positive feedback over the weeks following the event.

Griffith Law Students Association