Brad Howarth

Leading technology and digital media authority

If we have learnt anything in the last few years, it is that technology can have a dramatic impact on existing business models and the pace of technological change is accelerating.

Journalist, author, and speaker Brad Howarth has spent the last two decades examining and communicating the impact that technology is having on business and society. His focus has been on understanding technological change and the challenges and opportunities that arise from it. Brad has written and spoken extensively on this topic and, as a result, is sought after for discussions around the evolution of industry and business models.

Brad's presentations take complicated topics and future scenarios and present them in a straightforward and compelling manner. He brings a global perspective and demonstrates the interconnectedness of many developments. Each presentation is tailored to the specific needs of his audience, to deliver information that is relevant, entertaining and thought-provoking.

Brad strongly believes that we are only at the beginning of the digital revolution. The digitisation of products and services will have an increasing impact on how we conduct business and organise our societies, smashing traditional barriers of geography and creating new markets and new competition while redefining notions of community.

His presentations highlight the changes that are possible while providing practical advice on how to negotiate the challenges while profiting from opportunities. His message is simple - technology is changing the world and, therefore, we must change with technology.

In 2012 he was selected to participate in the Prime Minister's Digital Economy Forum alongside leaders from Australian industry and academia, and has subsequently contributed to government policy development.

Brad Howarth spent the mid to late 1990s reporting on the rapid growth of Australia's IT industry as it rode the dotcom bubble. In 1999, at the age of just 26, he joined the editorial team at BRW, initially as Information Technology Editor, and then as Marketing Editor. He left BRW in 2004 to work as a freelance journalist and has since travelled extensively, reporting across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He has written extensively on topics including innovation, marketing and advertising, global affairs and Australia's start-up community for Australian and international publications including AFR Boss, BusinessWeek, CIO Australia, GQ Australia, The Guardian, Rolling Stone Australia and

During his career Brad has interviewed many of the world's leading thinkers on technology, digital media, innovation and entrepreneurship, including Seth Godin, Vint Cerf, Larry Ellison and Michael Dell.

His first book, Innovation and Emerging Markets (2004), was a study of the process of commercialisation for innovative Australian high-tech companies. His 2011 book, A Faster Future, was co-authored with Janelle Ledwidge (February 2011).

Brad Howarth is a standout speaker on the digital world and the impact of technology on business and society. He is passionate about his topic and easily communicates his passion to his audiences. He is also in demand as an MC, panel host or panel member at related events.

Client testimonials

Brad is an exceptional presenter who understands the intricacies of the ever-changing world of technology and also manages to actively involve the audience throughout his presentations. Brad presented on the 'Next Big Things' that will happen in the online/interactive industry at the end of year wrap up panel for Interactive Minds in November 2010. He also participated in our expert panel discussion. His insights and knowledge are exceptional and his easy rapport with the other panellists and audience made him a standout guest speaker.

Interactive Minds

I have worked with Brad for over 10 years. All my interactions with Brad as writer, reporter and more recently as Panel Host or Master of Ceremonies have been positive. And whether it was the public face of Oracle, Intel or currently TIBCO that I manage, I can rely on Brad to assist and guide me.

TIBCO Software Inc.

Brad did an excellent job as MC of our HR Technology Conference. He was very well received by the audience and guest speakers. Brad has an easy going communication style and is professional and easy to work with.

Australian Human Resources Institute

I was looking for a new face in regard to the subject of the future and technology. Not just another futurist talk about stuff that people would never use, something more hands on for business owners as well as having the knowledge at a far greater level. Brad was perfect. His presentation was pitched right at the required level. He took the time to talk to the Members of our Industry to find out their thoughts and needs and he also took the time to not only talk with me on the phone but also in a face to face meeting about the theme of the conference and what I was trying to achieve. He was actually interested!


WOW, did Brad shift us into the future and what can be possible? His presentation was edgy, he obviously is passionate about his topic and this was evident throughout his presentation. He opened my mind to what can be created, if we use our imagination and embrace technology, and apply it in those areas that work best.


We had many comments on the day, and also in our post event survey which indicated that Brad’s presentation provided great value and was very insightful.