Bettina Arndt

Author, sex therapist & speaker

Bettina Arndt is the author of the sensational book The Sex Diaries that made waves across the country. Her after-dinner speech on Why Wives Would Rather Eat Chocolate - the plight of Australia's sex-starved men - wows audiences everywhere as they respond to her funny, informative take on this controversial topic.

In hot demand, Bettina presents the perfect topic for a light, informative after-dinner presentation, lunchtime entertainment, or a keynote speech. After over thirty-five years on the professional speaking circuit, Bettina Arndt knows all about entertaining and challenging audiences. She attracts audiences to events that are struggling and, as a closing presenter, she's the draw card to keep them there until the end of the day. After all, what better topic to keep them in their seats than sex?

Bettina spent the first ten years of her career teaching medical students at both the University of NSW and Sydney and talking to other professional groups, both here and overseas. She has spoken to audiences all over the world and is renowned for her engaging, humorous and informative talks.

About Bettina Arndt:

It was sex that made Bettina Arndt famous. As one of Australia's first sex therapists and editor of Forum magazine, Bettina spent ten years talking about sex on television and radio. Bettina has taught medical students, doctors and other professionals and talked endlessly about this fascinating subject to audiences all over Australia and overseas. 

By the 1980s she'd had enough of a good thing. She gave up sex - professionally speaking - and moved onto writing and talking about broader social issues and particularly the changing relationships between men and women.

In the mid 80's Bettina spent five years in New York writing a syndicated newspaper column, returning to Australia in late 1991 to work as a feature writer for many of our major newspapers and magazines. As a respected social commentator she was invited onto government advisory committees covering issues from family law to childcare and ageing.

But after nearly twenty years writing and talking about social issues, she returned to her first love and wrote a best-selling book about sex. The Sex Diaries looks at how couples manage their sex supply, dealing with their ups and downs in sexual desire. Ninety-eight couples kept diaries for her, writing about their daily negotiations over sex. Who feels like having sex? Who doesn't? And how do they cope if one wants it more than the other? The Sex Diaries received nation-wide publicity when launched at the National Press Club in March 2009 with Bettina appearing on Rove, the ABC's Q&A and Lateline, The Today Show and other morning television plus radio across the country. Her controversial solutions to the battle between sex-starved men and reluctant women continue to make waves.

Bettina Arndt also now works as a dating coach, giving advice to men and women on online dating, helping with writing their profiles and increasing their chances of meeting ‘the right one'.

Client testimonials

Bettina Arndt was the after-dinner speaker at a weekend conference designed primarily for specialists from geriatrics and neurologists. Despite a full day of lectures and workshops, the audience were engrossed. Bettina was engaging, amusing, informative and knowledgeable.

Aged Care Psychiatry, Prince of Wales Hospital

When we ran the first annual conference for the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association in March, we had a good turn up for the conference, but not much response for our first dinner. We decided to get Bettina as the after dinner speaker. From our first notice of this we tripled the numbers. She was a real draw-card. And she certainly delivered. Her talk was funny, but with a serious note. A great speaker and a topic well presented.

Lifestyle Medicine and Applied Health Promotion, Southern Cross University

Bettina was a keynote speaker at the 2009 University of Western Australia's Extension Summer School Programme. She attracted a large audience who were riveted throughout her session as she entertained and enlightened them with fascinating material from her new book. It was a most informative, often extremely funny talk that created a real buzz.

UWA Extension, The University of Western Australia

Bettina’s talk was a great finale for our two-day National Breast Cancer conference. Her funny, informative talk was greeted by gales of laughter, giving the audience a chance to relax, wind down, and learn about issues that affect us all. It exceeded all expectations, creating a real buzz and ending the conference on a high with all delegates present.

Breast Cancer Interest Group Chairperson

The National Bus Industry Conference was our biggest yet. Bettina’s involvement not only attracted people to attend the Conference but was a key drawcard on the day and provided a welcome humorous but serious presentation on a subject everyone could relate to - SEX. A great way to start the day.

Bus Industry Confederation

At the recent Ladies Luncheon held at The Royal Motor Yacht Club, Broken Bay, Bettina had us all fully engaged and laughing our heads off from beginning to end. To say it was a huge success would be an understatement, as the event filled up the maximum seating before the first ad appeared in our local magazines! We had a wait-list of over 20 ladies desperate to attend if space became available. An extremely entertaining and professional speaker.

Royal Motor Yacht Club, Broken Bay

Bettina Arndt is a wonderful, thought-provoking and very entertaining speaker. She had the audience of 2,500 people laughing aloud and very engaged - exactly what you want at a conference on Happiness & Its Causes! Our delegates rated Bettina as one of the most popular of the 50 speakers at the event. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any speaking engagement.

Happiness & Its Causes Conference, Brisbane

Bettina’s presentation was entertaining, witty & very understanding of the audience she was addressing and the problems they face. There were some people on the conference committee who were nervous about having Ms Arndt speak but by the end of her presentation those doubts had evaporated. We would highly recommend her to others as a guest speaker.

District Rotary Conference, Victoria