Andrew Horabin

Entertainer, Speaker & More

Andrew Horabin began his business at age 18 with no qualifications, experience, equipment or capital. Now, some 20 or so years later, he is a professional speaker, trainer and facilitator, comedian, author, and award-winning singer/songwriter.

Andrew Horabin has presented at conferences throughout Australia in just about every field, profession and industry you could name. He has worked with big and small business, Government departments, local councils, professional associations and NGO's across Australia and overseas - with groups and audiences totaling hundreds of thousands of people.

He has also trained state, federal and international police, including undercover officers, surveillance operatives, informant handlers, intel analysts and senior managers of serious crime - working with police from 40 countries training them in such skills as infiltrating groups, establishing rapport, building trust, recognising deception and communicating for influence.

Andrew is the author of four books, including BullShift - Get more honesty and straight talk at work. His hilarious, interactive keynote presentations on BullShift push the audience, in a good way, towards more honesty, towards greater maturity, to passion, balance, power and excellence.

Clients who've engaged keynotes or workshops on BullShift have included: ASIO, HBF, Metcash, Bankwest, Woodside, BHP Billiton, Department of Finance and Deregulation, Australian Federal Police, Australian Tax Office, Horizon Power, Corruption and Crime Commission, VICPOL, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, Australian Commercial Lawyers Association, Australian Institute of Company Directors, KPMG, Water Corporation, Apache Energy and the councils of Franklin, Bendigo, Stirling, Gosnells and Roebourne.

Andrew is also a superb MC who frequently earns an 'excellent' rating from his clients. He is extremely professional, engaging and funny with a relaxed style that appeals to all audiences, yet with the ability to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently at all times. He can read a room better than most people.

As a presentation skills expert, he has trained senior managers, directors, sales people, lawyers, detectives and teachers in the attitudes, knowledge and skills of giving effective presentations and as a facilitator, Andrew has led forums, planning sessions and hypotheticals for community groups, Government agencies, businesses and educational institutions.

Andrew has also worked with five of Australia's state orchestras and with 60,000 students, parents and staff in 110 schools on in leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution, stress management and building relationships.

As a singer/songwriter, Andrew has won state and national songwriting awards and wrote, directed and produced a sold-out musical called What a Man's Gotta Do. He has also played two seasons of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and in 2012 Andrew took his hilarious one-man musical comedy show on a tour of 45 towns in five states.

Andrew Horabin talks about:

BullShift: Get More Honesty and Straight Talk at Work - The inability to talk straight and be open costs us time, energy, money and morale. How much more effective could we be if our team members, customers, managers and suppliers were all able to be open with each other and talk straight? This hilarious, interactive session explains some practical things we can do to shift the bull.

When teams practice the principles of BullShift, they report: more efficient meetings, quicker negotiations, more honest and useful performance appraisals, greater enthusiasm, better ability to accurately analyse problems and solve them, and so on.

Client testimonials

Andrew skilfully and professionally challenged each team member to reflect on their behaviour through material that was both thought provoking and confrontational. His incredible humour ensured that participants were able to laugh at behaviours without losing the message, nor the motivation to change. People are talking about it positively and changing their behaviour accordingly. I would highly recommend Andrew to teams looking for a refreshing approach to reviewing behaviour and communication impacts.

BHP Billiton

Thank you for the incredible job – you were the highlight of the conference! What none of the delegates would have noticed was all the behind the scenes work, your relaxed way of taking on all of the announcements, keeping the overall program running to time and ensuring that we moved through the short breaks efficiently. It certainly is a skill. Unlike the rest of us, you stayed calm and helped us to relax knowing that we were in good hands.


Andrew has so many ways to show you a better way to do business that you could use him for years and never go over the same material twice. A true individual with an openness that will appeal to all.

Jetset Travelworld Ltd

Everyone raved about the session and you as a presenter. The day was a resounding success. I’m just worried how I’m ever going to top your performance at our future sessions!

Victoria Police – Crime Department

What can I say? You were sensational – you now have more people who are raving fans of Mick! When holding these types of functions, you can always get great food and wine however adding something else to the mix to take it to the next level is a constant challenge. What I particularly love about ‘Mick’ is that he entertains the crowd by involving them however actually manages to impart a great message.

Kay and Burton Real Estate

Absolutely brilliant session! I got a lot out of his sessions in terms of thinking about the way I communicate and negotiate … Very practical and insightful … Extremely engaging presenter – hard to fault in any way … Communicates the messages and concepts in a way that imparts information to audience very well …

Australian Federal Police

You were absolutely hilarious – and we’ve had absolutely loads of positive comments come through about both your presenting and the concert. Your jokes were really well received (even though some of them written in-house really were too hot to handle!). I loved the ‘Facebook’ references, and so did the audience, and you did a lot of research on the composers and pieces and gave your own unique flair to the script which was fabulous to watch. You have an absolutely hilarious presenting style and were able to relate really well to both audience and Orchestra, which is delightful.

West Australian Symphony Orchestra

It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Your attention to detail, and your boundless energy, made my role and various responsibilities so much easier.

Yamaha Music

Thank you for your magnificent contribution to the success of our conference … Your professionalism, empathy, detailed research and relaxed friendliness endeared you to all of us. We appreciate all the time you put in to achieve such wonderful, precise and useful presentations for us all.