Andrew Griffiths

Small business and entrepreneurialism expert and author

Andrew Griffiths is Australia's leading small business and entrepreneurial author with, at last count, 11 books sold in over 50 countries including Estonia, Nigeria, China, North America, the United Kingdom and even Iceland.

Described by many as a street-smart entrepreneur, Andrew bought his first business at the age of 17. Since then, and for the best part of 30 years, he has successfully owned and operated many small businesses in fields as diversified as retail, consulting, advertising, publishing and travel.

Andrew Griffiths has a passion for inspiring and energising entrepreneurs to achieve their business dreams and goals.

As well as being an internationally renowned business author Andrew is also a highly engaging and entertaining presenter, having worked with over 200 organisations around the world. He uses rich stories and anecdotes to drive home his key recommendations, making him an entertaining keynote speaker for small business and large corporations alike.

His clients are a who's who of the corporate world including most franchise groups, Government departments and corporations with a small business customer base. They include many leading brands such as Telstra, HP, Hertz, Bendigo Bank, Schwarzkopf, Jetset Travelworld Group, GHD, L'Oreal, Ray White, CPA, ING, Optus, Qantas, Stockland and Ramsay Health Care. Andrew was also a member of Richard Branson's team at the Financial Education Summit.

Another significant milestone in his presenting career was the honour of being invited to share his views on marketing in the modern world at the prestigious 2012 Million Dollar Round Table event in Anaheim, California.

Over the years Andrew has acted in the role of Small Business Ambassador for a number of organisations. Recently he became a Small Business Ambassador for the ANZ Small Business Hub.

Andrew is featured regularly in the media. He is small business writer and advisor for CBS Interactive and he appears regularly on various radio shows, in print with newspaper and magazine articles and on television shows including Sunrise and Good Morning New Zealand.

Andrew is the only Australian columnist for Inc Magazine and website, based in New York. The Inc website alone receives 18 million visitors per month.

Recently Andrew was invited to become one of the main mentors in the internationally acclaimed Key Person of Influence programme. His role is to help aspiring entrepreneurs to write and publish books that will help them to position themselves as leaders in their chosen field.

In his book, the Big Book of Small Business, Andrew teamed up with Allen & Unwin to write and publish one of the leading entrepreneurial manuals available today.

His inspirational book The Me Myth, published by leading global publisher Simon & Schuster has been widely acknowledged as one of the most powerful and inspirational self-development books written in recent years.

Andrew is also a passionate campaigner for numerous not for profit organisations. He is an ambassador for Act for Kids, an organisation charged with eliminating Child Abuse once and for all. Andrew is also actively involved with the Salvation Army, Harald's House for homeless kids and many more.

Much of Andrew Griffiths' work focuses on creating the right rituals for success, for both individuals and organisations alike. He has become a major force in the world of small business, within Australia and around the world

There is no doubt that Andrew is passionate, fun and he packs a punch. He will leave any audience energised, inspired and ready to take action.

Client testimonials

Andrew Griffiths showed a group of our clients how important it is to market their small business. He was able to provide them with the practical skills to connect with their clients. It was brilliant to watch.

L’Oreal Professional

Andrew Griffiths hits the stage with great gutso. He’s the guy next door, he’s the guy who tried to climb the mountain and fell off and he’s the guy who tried again and was a sensational success. He is truly inspirational but in a way that everyone can relate to. His story is challenging and he speaks frankly and openly about the life he’s had. I found him to be an inspiring speaker and author. I left his presentation feeling motivated and enlivened by his story and quickly booked him for my next conference.

Western Australia – Local Government Authority (WALGA)

Andrew is easily the most successful business writer in Australia. He is prolific and his books are in many ways both current and timeless. Andrew is published by both Allen & Unwin, one of the leading Australian publishers and Simon & Schuster, one of the worlds most acclaimed publishers. A rare feat indeed and one which shows the depth of the messages he shares. Andrew’s acclaim is growing. Whilst known for his business writing and presenting, he is now branching out into the personal growth and development arena. A journey that is taking him to the world. I have no doubt that the name Andrew Griffiths is going to be heard very loudly around the planet and he is a man that we as Australian’s will be proud to call our own.

Unique People

Andrew was really well received. He was a complete match for our audience and they loved his delivery.

The Coaching Institute

Andrew was very well received. He is very interesting to listen to with great stories and ideas that hold the audience’s attention. Andrew’s presentation complimented the points that we were trying to get across perfectly. We were very very happy.

CNW Pty Ltd