Allan Parker

Change, Facilitation, Mediation

Allan Parker is the Managing Director of a Sydney based consultancy company operating in the areas of organisational change facilitation, training and dispute mediation.

Allan's training expertise includes sales training, facilitation skills, negotiation and mediation skills, and management development. His consulting work includes the facilitation of organisational change, strategic planning, corporate restructures and mergers with many of Australia's leading organisations.

Allan works frequently in Australia, the U.K and Asia, and with several multinational companies including Microsoft, Apple, DST International, the Arab Malaysia Merchant Bank, the Hilton Hotel, Macquarie Bank and Exxon Mobil.

He is the co-author of the best-selling books Switch on Your Brain and Beyond Yes - Negotiating and Networking and author of Negotiator's Toolkit. He is currently working on two new books, one on new ways of thinking about organisational structures, the other on mediation skills.

Allan is a member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee to the School of Law, University of Western Sydney, who are responsible for the design, development and delivery of the Graduate Certificate and Masters of Dispute Resolution, and is a certified mediator with the NSW Law Society.

Allan's background includes study in the areas of health, adult education, counselling and social communication. In addition to his professional achievements he has been a scratch golfer, as well as having run 16 marathons and 10 ultra marathons. From this diverse and interesting background Allan brings to his presentations his spontaneous, dynamic and somewhat unpredictable style.

Allan Parker talks about:

  • Sales Training
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Negotiation and Mediation Skills
  • Organisational Change
  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Restructures and Mergers
  • Management Development

Client testimonials

He can be humorous, clever, challenging, emphatic and serious. His sessions are not for the emotionally squeamish or excessively defensive.

University of Technology, Sydney

Absolutely riveting, professional and invaluable.

Australian Graduate School of Management