Alex Chumpy Pullin

Australian Olympic Flag Bearer, World Champion Snowboarder & Keynote Speaker

Alex Chumpy Pullin, or ‘Chumpy', has spent the past 15 years at the forefront of Boardercross - high-speed, head-to-head racing against snowboarders down obstacle courses that include grueling jumps, rollers and banked turns.

Along the way, he has been the first Australian in history to secure multiple World Titles in his sport, he has mentored and coached young Australian riders, and carried the Australian flag at the 2014 Olympic Games.

Speaking has become a serious focus for Chumpy in recent years. He keynotes are renowned for diving into all things performance, and revealing invaluable pressure and life-changing tactics for mindfulness. Chumpy generously shares his methods for continuous improvement in even the smallest of ways each day, to give his audiences every shot at becoming a champion in their own world.

More about Alex Chumpy Pullin:

From humble beginnings in regional Victoria, and endless battles with school teachers who failed to envisage his snowboard career, Alex Chumpy Pullin has achieved success that goes far beyond his phenomenal competition results.

He travelled the world alone from the age of 14 to pursue his dream and create his profile on the international stage, landing global sponsorship deals and claiming world titles, that put the Snowboard Cross sport on the map Down Under.

Paying it forward, Chumpy selflessly spends his Australian winters giving back to the sport, mentoring and coaching younger riders who now join him on the Olympic team.

But Chumpy acknowledges that becoming World Champion didn't happen overnight. He firmly believes that with each new day, opportunities masquerade themselves as challenges, and if perceived with an optimistic mindset, can teach us valuable insights and lessons for one's success.

Chumpy's ‘All-In' mentality has been his key factor to a long, successful career at the top of his sport. For him, balance is not the only thing that's crucial while riding a snowboard, he can attribute his success on the snow to his grit, perseverance and preparation off the snow. Training for Chumpy goes beyond physical - recovery, mindfulness and emotional health.

With several appearances already bringing the house down at events for major football clubs, as well as for company conferences for brands the likes of Red Bull and Hurley. 

Client testimonials

We had such an amazing response from the sales team that Chumpy was presenting to. The way he was able to relate to the team and find common ground was such an advantage. The big take away the team took from Chumpy's talk, was how you can utilise your mind above all to best change your current state and always make sure you are conserving energy in order to deliver your best performance everyday.


The day went off really well and everyone I spoke to were very impressed by Chumpy's presentation and delivery. Everyone really enjoyed it!