Alan Patching

Project and business leadership guru

Alan Patching has been described as the Australian project and business leadership guru and is internationally recognised as one of Australia's most outstanding leaders, consultants and business presenters in his field.

With over $8 billion of major contracts negotiation, management and administrative experience, Alan challenges and inspires corporate and government leaders and potential leaders to take steps and make changes to foster the innovation necessary to ensure continuing relevance and sustainability of their business to make them Futureproof.

Alan Patching is best-known for his roles as Chief Executive Officer of the entity that owned Sydney's Olympic Stadium and as the stadium project director. He was also project director on the $280m redevelopment of Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane for the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

In the early nineties he negotiated the country's largest ever property deal valued at $1.4 billion, and its largest commercial lease.

Alan is Managing Director of Alan Patching and Associates Pty. Ltd. and Chairman of the Asia Pacific operations of US based Management Concepts, which partners with Regis University to deliver education programs to corporations.

His business negotiations range from the sale and purchase of jet aircraft to the bulk buying of designer lingerie from leading international suppliers.

Alan is the author and/or publisher of several business books and audio albums, video and training CDs, with an emphasis on Leadership and Management. His publications include; Imprints for success (co-authored with Dr Gerry Flynn), The Futureproof Corporation and 21st Century Leadership co-authored with Dr. Denis Waitley.

Alan Patching's vast business and academic lecturing experiences combine to make his corporate presentations the ideal blend of cutting edge theory and use-immediately practical wisdom. His presentations are a high-energy mix of humour, take home content, audience involvement and anecdotes. Alan has shared the international speaking platform with such luminaries as Dr. Tom Peters, Dr. Denis Waitley, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar and Robert Kiyosaki. His major interest is educating leaders to understand the importance of stirring purpose based passion within organisations to provide a greater sense or satisfaction for their people and increase the potential for higher profit for shareholders.

Alan Patching talks about:

Building a futureproof corporation

In a world where increasing competition and change are more than ever the significant constants, organisations are more and more seeking to attain the attributes that will ensure long term growth and success; attributes that will equip them to deal with whatever the ever changing market place serves up; attributes that will make them Futureproof Corporations.

Futureproof leaders understand:

  • The importance of the innovation based Basic Entrepreneurial Model
  • How individual attitudes amass to create corporate culture
  • How collective employee values generate the driving force of the corporation
  • How to access the innovation that is so essential to continuing success.


    Lessons for life from the Sydney Olympic Stadium experience

    Alan Patching's lessons learned as Chief Executive Officer and Project Director of the development of the world's largest ever Olympic Stadium included:

  • Look up to those beneath you - the valuable lesson learned from some of the most unnoticed people involved with the project.
  • The innovative thinking that saved 'months and millions' can offer similarly spectacular performance improvement to any organisation.
  • Recognition and celebration of success kept busy people energised. It will work with the same outstanding effect in the general corporate workplace.
  • The Personal 'Offendedness' Factor was the emotions control technique Alan Patching developed to track his moods and the level that his own ego was contributing to problems rather than solutions.

    21st Century leadership and successful essentials

    A passionate and powerful presentation - a wake-up call designed to inspire people to choose to act as entrepreneurs or franchisees within the organisation that employs them.

    Audiences are encouraged to:

  • Embrace the warp-speed change impacting the global business environment
  • Accept that personal leadership is the key to managing this change into the future
  • Understand that the 21st Century Leader is an adaptable and inspirational visionary who understands the importance of being a role model, who divests control in favour of empowerment, who subordinates ego in favour of helping others to develop and grow, and whose core value is personal integrity.


Powerful commercial negotiation

Negotiation is no longer an optional business tool, but rather a mandatory skill for life and business success in the 21st century. When it comes to negotiation skills, what you don't use, you will soon lose!

This energising keynote:

  • Moves audiences from a basic comprehension of negotiating tactics and strategies to an understanding of the higher level achievable by a focus on the human behaviour aspects of negotiation
  • Inspires and explains how to weave advanced negotiation skills into everyday life communication.

    The soul of business

    While profit might be the goal of a business, people will always be the soul of the business.

    This presentation reveals how:

  • Alignment of business values with those of the people who make up the business is the key to any business tapping into its true source of creativity and corporate spirituality - it's human capital.
  • How an organisation can benefit from creating a workplace environment wherein people feel connected and are free to become the best they can be, and to express their highest level of creativity
  • Why fostering an open, trusting, and ego-less working environment can lead to higher productivity, reduced staff turnover, and an increased attitude of ownership
  • Applying the intrinsic motivation factor of higher corporate purpose instead of extrinsic motivators such as corporate vision to ignite passion and increase profit
  • Analysing how some of the key foci of corporations clash vigorously with really important issues at the level of the individuals who make up those corporations
  • The leaders of tomorrow understand that the spiritual life of their human capital, their raison d'etre, should not be put on hold during working hours, but rather actively fostered so that people can always be seeking to attain their highest image of themselves.

    Keynote presentations

    Alan Patching also delivers keynote presentations and workshops on the following management and leadership related topics, and, because these presentations usually need to be highly tailored to meet the needs of individual clients, details of the content of these presentations are available on request.

    Topics include:

  • The Psychology of Persuasion - How to get everything you want
  • Project Management
  • Achieving and Maintaining Corporate relevance and Sustainability
  • Presentation skills
  • Advanced Business Communication Skills
  • Risk Management in the Project Environment
  • Contract Administration
  • Achieving Strategic Objectives using Project Management

    Facilitator and MC

    Alan is a highly experienced, impactful, engaging, entertaining and relevant MC and facilitator.

    Client testimonials

    Alan was the opening keynote speaker at the conference - he was rated the conference's best presenter.

    Australian Institute of Credit Union Management

    When Alan Patching speaks you don't just get technical and leadership knowledge, you get a Ph. D. on life.

    General Electric, United Arab Emirates

    Alan has a very natural ability to relate to, motivate and inspire an audience from the minute he walks into the room. He was able to provide some wonderful techniques and tools to be an effective leader and to keep your life interesting- which were reinforced by his successful experiences as a leader on many diverse projects.

    Rabo Bank

    Thank you for your contribution to our Sales incentive Program in Langkawi, Malaysia. Your philosophy and comments on innovation, passion, future outlook, partnering and personal balance were excellent and extremely valuable to both delegates and their partners. Thank you also for taking the time to participate in the social activities of the conference.

    Challenge Bank

    Alan Patching's presentation was thought provoking yet very entertaining. From his vast business experience and the thorough pre-event research he undertook, he tailored the perfect presentation for us. I doubt a single person left that room without immediately making some changes in the way they conduct their life and business.

    WPG Design Group, New York