Afterburner - Fighter Pilots

Keynotes, Experiential Workshops & Performance Coaching

Afterburner Australia is a dynamic team of men and women who are part of the high performance military aviation community.

They are the custodians of a simple process developed by fighter pilots over 60 years ago. This process significantly improved the performance of military aviation, and is so effective it is still in use today. To enable organisations outside the military to develop and foster a similar high performance culture, Afterburner tailored this process for use in business and called it Flawless Execution (or "FLEX" for short) - a cycle of PLAN, BRIEF, EXECUTE and DEBRIEF.

FLEX is a simple, scalable, continuous improvement process that can help you align everyone in your organisation with your vision, drive individual accountability and address the complex environment that is business today. It can be used to identify execution gaps in your strategy before you make the substantial investment to execute it. Once you have a firm strategy, FLEX is used to develop the detail to get it done.

Afterburner Australia provides high performance coaching and programs, from dynamic keynotes to experiential workshops focused on team building, leadership development, business planning and debriefing. They are high energy, offer a strong takeaway message and are customised to your business or event objectives. By the end of an Afterburner program, your team will feel motivated to excel in their environment.

Afterburner Australia presents:

  • The Afterburner Day - an interactive corporate event program (5 hours)
  • Leaning Forward - a teambuilding event that captures the essentials of the Afterburner program (2.5 hours)
  • Keynote - two fighter pilots present the Plan-Brief-Executive-Debriefing keynote multimedia presentation (1 hour)
  • Organisational execution workshops (a 2 day intensive workshop designed to give you a whole new way to think about planning and execution.)

Participants of Afterburner programs learn how to execute flawlessly in a rapidly changing environment; how to deal more effectively with change; how to be more effective leaders at any level; how to work more effectively as a team; how to employ breakthrough communication skills and how to overcome task saturation.

Client testimonials

Your flawless execution of the session left the group in awe of what can be achieved through effective planning and execution.


Outstanding! Afterburner taught us how to be better prepared to deal with real life issues such as task saturation, problem solving, communication and competition.


Everyone was totally engaged & enthralled by the seminar.

Avery Denison Office Products Pty Ltd

Your presentation drew widespread congratulations. The level of energy and motivation in the room after the presentation was incredible and the impact enormous.

Pfizer Australia

The speaker captivated his audience and the subject was relevant. All staff thoroughly enjoyed the presentation that was not only professional but also good humoured.

NSW Rural Fire Service - Region South