Terry Hawkins

Mind language expert and corporate trainer

Terry Hawkins is a leading presenter on human performance - a Mind Language expert. With 20 years experience as a trainer and presenter to a myriad of industries, Terry draws on a vast foundation of knowledge and techniques.

Ask Terry Hawkins what her specialty is and she will tell you simply - People. Whether it's discussing the most cutting edge sales techniques, bringing a team together with focus and drive or changing the patterns of managers, her audiences walk away inspired and motivated, with tools to create outstanding results.

Terry's delivery is nothing short of spectacular. She knows how to give her audience a great time while they learn strategies that can change the way they look and feel about life forever. She is one funny lady and her gift for connecting with people from all walks of life allows her to deliver high impact, hilarious and thought provoking presentations - she takes the complicated and makes it so simple to understand that it seems like magic!

About Terry Hawkins:

Terry is a successful author and well established business woman.  Her training company, People In Progress was founded in 1988, and 20 years on it continues to be a leader in the delivery of high impact, results based learning.  Having personally trained over 100,000 people in the business sector, Terry knows what works and what doesn't work when it comes to learning.  She is a pioneer in developing leading edge programs and presentations that support teams and businesses in finding their 'gap' and achieving their goals. 

Terry Hawkins' fascination with the unconscious mind has led her to study peak performance and the blockages that stop people from succeeding (becoming an NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapist in the process!).

Terry is one of those rare people who can deliver a message that you will remember forever. Rather than bamboozle her audience with jargon, she delivers a message that is nothing short of spectacular.  This lady is engaging, insightful and inspiring!  It's hard to describe the impact Terry Hawkins will have on your audience.  She is one of those rare people who can deliver a message that you will remember forever!

Terry Hawkins speaks about:

With over two decades experience as a powerful presenter, researcher and writer in the training industry, Terry can speak on almost any area relating to the people side of your business or corporation. She has a reputation for researching and tailoring her delivery to her target audience, ensuring that the content relates and is appropriate.



Client testimonials

Terry Hawkins ‘Wow!!! What can I say? Terry Hawkins is absolutely fantastic!!! This woman is the most amazing and inspiring speaker I have ever listened to. Her presentation, delivery and energy are second to none. She made us roar with laughter, question our beliefs, challenge ourselves, shed a few tears but most importantly stretch our horizons and believe in ourselves. Her message is so powerful and yet so simple. Thank you so much for recommending her.

CEO Century 21

Very well received – it was fun and entertaining as well as a valuable learning tool.

Westpac Banking Corporation

I cannot say enough about Terry. She came, she conquered. I have been inundated with notes of thanks from our managers for the Terry Hawkins experience.

Bowens Health Services

A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE! We are still talking about PITMAN and STICKMAN!...What an amazing and powerful machine we have in our skulls…Terry made sense and made what is sometimes complicated, very simple.


The feedback from your session has been universally outstanding. In my experience of conferences and team development, I have not had 100% positive feedback. You achieved this and more. You ignited the passion within our staff and this energy was maintained throughout the two day conference.

Mission Australia