Stacey Currie

Motivational speaker, author, businesswoman

"Forget your happily ever after; get your happily ever now." This is the view of Stacey Currie, author of The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Can Too, a busy mum of five children, an empowering and inspirational speaker and a successful businesswoman.

But Stacey Currie's life wasn't always like this. Having experienced the trauma of child abuse, teen pregnancy, domestic violence and homelessness, her future could have been very bleak. Instead, this remarkable young woman has defied the odds and is helping other young mothers at risk to create a better life for themselves and their children.

With such an unstable and at times violent background, Stacey Currie should be living on the streets, in jail, on drugs or dead. However, with extensive counselling, and her own refusal to accept that this is how her life should be, Stacey started rebuilding her life.

With a serious motivation to get results, it's no surprise that, without any sales experience, Stacey Currie singlehandedly opened her business, achieving over $300,000 worth of sales in her first 12 months. She grew a small business from sales of $100 per month to a whopping $100,000 per month - an achievement that won her a nomination in the 2011 Telstra Women in Business Awards.

Stacey Currie shares her views on overcoming adversity and is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals. Her message is that no matter what obstacles in life are thrown at you, you can still make your dreams happen. Her motto is: "If you are powered by passion ALL things are possible."

Stacey will show your employees how to find passion and purpose in their role and to understand that simply by working hard now they can reap the rewards in the future. 

Stacey also empowers school students to live an extraordinary life no matter what their circumstances. She knows all too well the effects an unstable home life can have on the youth of today - smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, wagging school, suicidal tendencies and in trouble with the police.

Stacey Currie is often referred to as "the dynamite" by colleagues, clients and friends for her energy and her impact on others. As proof, she completed her first book, The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Can Too, in a very short 6 months.

Stacey Currie has an extensive media profile and has been featured on A Current Affair, ABC's 7:30 Report, The Herald Sun, The Age and BRW magazine. She is also the Official Ambassador for the Lighthouse Foundation.

Stacey Currie speaks about:

  • Master your bulls eye for success
  • Plant your seeds now to harvest your rewards
  • Goal setting & action taking
  • Her story from homeless 19-year-old with 2 children, to a million-dollar business woman
  • If you are powered by passion all things are possible
  • Low-cost marketing, no-cost publicity and brand development
  • Fitting it all in. Think you can't have your cake and eat it too? Learn how to make the most of every minute
  • Commit and persist for success.. Persistent is vital to making it to the top.
  • Uncover your fears and transform those excuses into opportunities
  • Train your brain to think outside the square
  • Instead of following, lead and show others the way to success
  • How to write, publish, and promote your own book.

Client testimonials

Knowing a little of Stacey’s background and personal story, I would highly recommend her to any company wanting a keynote speaker or workshop presenter. Stacey is not only relate-able and will touch the heart of employees at every level from the workshop floor to executive management, she will also provide valuable knowledge and insights on business systems, passion and goal setting that will create greater productivity and profits.

David Schirmer

My overall feedback is that I can see that you are on a path that will see you communicating messages to many, many people. You are a driven and inspirational woman, one in a million. Our team really enjoyed hearing about how you set goals and then relentlessly work to achieve them.


You are a wonderful inspiration to so many people. You are obviously a remarkable woman! This wonderful, inspiring book gives you the tools & motivation to achieve all your goals—including getting rich!

Brian Tracy - Author - “The Way to Wealth”