Siebert Neethling

Leading turn-around management facilitator, keynote speaker

Siebert Neethling is an accomplished leader and a skilled educator who has been rated by the Institute for International Research as one of the seven best speakers on management nationally.

Siebert frequently presents seminars and keynote addresses on leadership, team development, change, culture, entrepreneurship, negotiation and efficiency.

His particular strengths are strategy development and change leadership, integrating the technical, commercial, psychological and efficiency aspects of management to develop highly effective teams and organisations.

Siebert presentations are engaging, meaningful and thought-provoking, ensuring that his audiences will have much to talk about for a long time afterwards.

Siebert Neethling is a Principal Consultant for Bendelta, a strategic advisory firm helping organisations in the public and private sectors build capability and adjust quickly to their changing environment.

More about Siebert Neethling:

Originally educated in Psychology, Siebert holds postgraduate qualifications in Literature and Education, and has studied business at The UNISA School of Business Leadership, The WITS Business School and The University of Sydney's Faculty of Economics and Business. He has also lectured psychology and management subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

During a very successful career, Siebert Neethling has held a senior executive role with one of the world's leading brewing companies (now no. 2 in the world), managed a commercial radio station, turning it from a loss situation to profitability within six months, and managed a consulting firm specialising in turn-around management.

Based in Sydney, Siebert has worked in seventeen countries on five continents. Recent consulting assignments include a business plan for a Canberra professional services firm, a change plan for a listed property company in Tokyo, facilitating a global conference in Brussels, a client development project for a global agribusiness bank, the design and implementation of a leadership program for an Australian listed company and coaching a senior public sector leader in Sydney.

His clients include Pfizer, Baxter Health, HSBC, Raine & Horne, The University of Sydney, Rabobank, The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Goodman and several Australian Federal and State agencies. Siebert is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the International Institute of Coaching and the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

Outside of business Siebert has worked with programs for street children, marginalised youth and micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries, and co-founded a pre-school for children with hearing and speech disabilities.



Client testimonials

The independent counsel you have provided to senior management has been of great assistance to not only developing them as managers but also as people.

Goodman Limited

As usual you gave a sterling performance and demonstrated so much of what all of us can aspire to in terms of professionalism, commitment and passion. I think it's great for our guys to spend time with you for these reasons.


It's amazing how quickly you grasped our business and our issues. And to deliver such a clear report so quickly and so well presented shows how much you practice what you preach.

Trinity Law

Siebert brings a very structured but versatile approach to change management and mentoring that is engaging, encouraging and thought provoking. He is a very values focused person who seeks to improve your performance because he wants to not just because you have asked him to. He tailor makes his approach to suit your style and comfort zone, although he will use the opportunity to stretch your reach and vision and get you into a place where the not-so-comfortable but important issues are dealt with in a meaningful and productive way.

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Siebert facilitated my team planning day and it ran like a well-oiled machine from start to finish. We moved fluidly from one activity to the next – steered and supported by Siebert. It made me realise that the difference between a ‘good’ facilitator and a ‘great’ facilitator is huge. Siebert’s professionalism, knowledge and passion for building better teams are evident in his facilitation style. He has a way with people that instantly puts you at ease and makes you want to participate.

NSW Department of Family and Community Services