Shelley Gare

Editor, Writer and Social Commentator

Shelley Gare is a well-respected editor and writer who now specialises in commentary on our modern life. Her bestselling book, The Triumph of the Airheads - and the Retreat from Commonsense (Park Street Press), is an insightful, sharp and witty look at how our society is losing the plot - and what we can do to find it again.

She has been an editor of both Good Weekend and Sunday Life, was a consultant editor on the start-up of WHO magazine, and was the first woman deputy editor appointed to The Australian newspaper, after working for The Sunday Times in London. At The Australian, she ran all the newspaper's features areas; she has been managing and motivating staff since she was appointed as editor of Cleo magazine in her early 20s.

As founding editor of The Australian's Review of Books, she won a Walkley, and now writes regularly for The Weekend Australian, as well as a variety of overseas publications. In early 2008, she broke the international story that child soldier Ishmael Beah's best-selling memoirs contained key exaggerations and errors. "Truth always matters, and so does commonsense," she says. "And now, more than ever. We have become a very money-oriented society... but guess what? Only thinking about money isn't necessarily the best way to make money."

She has been invited to speak around Australia and overseas since The Triumph of the Airheads was published in 2006.

Shelley Gare's experiences in the media - editing and reporting - over 30 years have shaped her values and her belief that we have it in all of us to rise above nonsense. Humour is often the very best antidote.

She is currently researching modern notions about truth and accountability.

Shelley Gare talks about:

  • What the modern corporation doesn't know
  • The modern conundrum: more wealth, more freedom... more angst.
  • Shelly Gare's presentations centre on the crisis in our culture, how we're stuffing it up and how we can make our world a better place. Shelley communicates thought provoking, highly relevant information with humour and sharp examples that her audiences "get" and respond to with their own ideas. Her upbeat delivery is entertaining and her message motivating and inspiring.

    Client testimonials

    Shelley certainly brought the “WOW” factor to our event… She was fantastic! … very down to earth and a real hit with our audience.

    Group Training Association of NSW

    As a past speaker at the Sydney Institute, we would strongly recommend Shelley Gare as an entertaining and broadly informed current affairs speaker. Her address to the Sydney institute, in November 2006, on the topic “Triumph of the Airheads – retreat from Commonsense” was not only full of witty and cleverly constructed detail, but given an excellent sense of timing for the quick one liner.

    The Sydney Institute.

    Shelley was excellent … a perfect speaker. She helped out whenever she could, was approachable and stayed around to talk to the guests after her speech. Communication was open and clear, before and after each event. Her preparation was great, she discussed what we were looking for and feedback from the previous year with our team and worked around it. Shelly reviewed and adjusted her speech where she thought necessary in response to audience’s questions and queries. She also contacted each state Patron before and after, to discuss the event, which was greatly appreciated.