Robert Gottliebsen

Award-winning Business& Investment Commentator

Robert Gottliebsen is a shareholder and investment journalist for the Eureka Report. Robert was the founding editor of Business Review Weekly and spearheaded the magazine for 19 years. He was the original Chanticleer in The Australian Financial Review and, between 2000 and 2005 he was National Business Commentator for The Australian.

Robert Gottliebsen has been recognised with the Walkley Award and Australian Journalist of the Year Award, two of journalism's highest honours.

In 1974 Gottliebsen started the Chanticleer column in the Australian Financial Review, which is still running more than a quarter of a century later. In 1980 he handed the Chanticleer column onto a number of successors; journalists that he had helped train.

In 1981 Gottliebsen founded BRW Magazine and helped build the weekly business magazine readership to the highest in the world on a per capita basis.

In 1983 he started the top selling Personal Investor Magazine and in 1998 Shares Magazine. Gottliebsen appeared regularly on television and has been a significant contributor to the Internet.

Robert Gottliebsen became host of the Business Daily TV show on Sky News in 1999. In 2000 he moved his Business Daily TV studio to The Australian Newspaper where he was appointed National Business Commentator.

In 2003, Robert Gottliebsen published 10 Best and 10 Worst Decisions of Australian CEOs, (Penguin) a book that charts the course of twenty business decisions of the 1990s that led to Australia's worst losses and greatest successes.

A highly respected commentator, Robert Gottliebsen has completed hundreds of presentations to clients including: Microsoft, Freemarkets, Infosys, MDMC, ADMA, Telstra, McCullough Lawyers, Institute of Engineers, Amcor, Local Government, CPA's, State Government, Geopolymers, Institute of Directors Australia, Institute of Directors NZ, and the Federal Government.

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Robert was very informative and covered a lot in the allocated time. His talk was very well received and valued by the audience.