Phill Nosworthy

Global Speaker, Brand Advisor & Change Maker

Phill Nosworthy equips global leaders and brands with capacity for change. Drawing on cutting edge research and first hand insights from his extensive work with Fortune 500 companies he assists people to create businesses, brands, careers and personal life journeys that are enriched with meaning.

Phill has been described as a 'meaning maker', by leading brands including Microsoft and Apple who have engaged him as a speaker, facilitator and social impact strategist. C-suite executives, world champion athletes, globally celebrated artists and entertainers have all benefited from his teaching.

An authentic speaker, Phill Nosworthy engages audiences with his insights and keeps them entertained with his humour as he imparts compelling case studies and behavioural science research.

His powerful workshops and keynotes serve as a catalyst; inspiring and challenging audiences with conversations on leadership, personal branding, engagement and client experience.

Beyond speaking, Phill's professional experience has encompassed sales consulting for Giorgio Armani, representing Apple as a technology in education spokesperson through the Beyond Chalk initiative, and leading new business acquisitions during his time with the award winning behaviour change firm ChangeLabs.

In 2014, Phill founded Switch Inc. to pursue the goal of creating deeply immersive and meaningful development and branding initiatives for the world's leading organisations.

Phill Nosworthy speaks about:

The Future of Work - The Meaning Makers: The world of work is changing forever. We find ourselves in an era of technological and cultural surges that are changing the face of work for every single person on the planet. Disruptive innovations are creating new industries and destroying old ones as the possibilities of billions of people connected to smart devices with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity and access to knowledge become clear.

One thing is for sure; business as usual is no longer an option. Smart organisations will use this as an opportunity to create more meaningful, effective and impactful experiences of work.

Drawing on a two year study of the pursuit of meaning in modern life and first hand insights from working with leading Fortune 500 companies, Phill Nosworthy will lead your audience in a provocative and inspiring unpacking of:

  • What the 4th Industrial Revolution is and why it will change everything we know about work and life
  • The critical behavioural and attitudinal shifts your team will need to make today in order to thrive in this new world of work
  • Why the obsessive question of business in the coming decade will be "what is it that makes us most human?" and how this will turn old ideas of performance, productivity and collaboration upside down
  • Why meaning is emerging as the most powerful driver of engagement, fulfilment and performance in the workplace and what you can do to generate it in your teams

This session is designed to cut through the noise surrounding the future of work and give leaders and teams real insight and actionable strategies for navigating digital disruption

The Future of Leadership - The Meaning Makers: Research by Deloitte shows that two-thirds of millennials expect their job to not exist within 15 years. Ask Mckinsey the same question and they will tell you that within 10 years, half of all jobs will be augmented by Artificial Intelligence. And what would you say if I told you that less than 1 in 7 graduates today even want to work for large organisation?

To lead for the future, we'll need to get past the old view of what good leadership looks like - strong, decisive, certain - and embrace new leadership skills of curiosity, open-mindedness and intellectual flexibility.

However you look at it, we find ourselves leading teams and building organisations in a time of significant change as digital transformation drives a global revolution in organisational culture and working practices.

The degree to which leaders are able to make this shift will influence not only the speed of change within their teams but also to what extent their organisations will sharpen or dull their competitive edge.

In this provocative, research anchored session, global speaker and executive coach Phill Nosworthy will show why, starting today, leaders of tomorrow must:

  • Understand the digital era they find themselves leading in, including the implications of future technologies
  • Hit refresh on what good leadership looks like
  • Challenge the assumptions of their teams and acquire the skillsets that support relentless innovation
  • Embrace and enhance the deeply human skills and attributes of their teams.

This session is designed to demystify the digital revolution, help leaders navigate the uncertainty of what is next and know how to show up in a powerful and inspiring way.

The Future of Sales and Branding - The Meaning Makers: We are building brands in an era where information overload and fragmentation blunts the impact of advertising. Where employees want ownership not just instruction. And where customers are deeply engaged in the development and marketing of our products themselves. Add to that smart devices, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality and it is clear to see that we are in a whole new frontier for branding and sales.

In this extraordinary session, brand advisor and global speaker Phill Nosworthy unpacks the findings of a two-year study on the pursuit of meaning in modern life and it's deep implications for branding and sales. He will:

  • Illustrate how your consumers are literally wired for connection and why it is critical that you understand the new rules for creating strong relationships that transcend your product and service
  • Demonstrate how contribution is the price of entry for smart brands in the marketplace today and how you can engage your market through smart social strategies that generate real financial performance
  • Outline the role that challenges play in generating meaning and deep brand attachment. Your team will learn how to achieve the perfect amount of 'friction' in the purchase process to create emotional commitment and lasting brand loyalty

This session draws on insights from neuroscience, myth and global best practices in sales and branding to show your team the enormous branding possibilities created by a digitally disrupted world. Your team will leave equipped with practical and pragmatic ideas for engaging the hearts and minds of the markets and the people that matter to you most.

The Future of Contribution -The Meaning Makers: Smart brands know that social strategies ARE brand strategies. Here's why:

  • 79% of employees want to work for a socially responsible company
  • 62% of consumers want to buy from a visibly generous and engaged brand
  • 1 in 4 consumers use their purchase habits as their way of giving back
  • With research showing outward focussed organisations enjoying higher engagement, higher productivity and lower turnover of talent, one thing is made very clear; deeply integrated social strategies are no longer a nice to have - they are the price of entry for smart brands today and the future of branding.

In this research anchored, 'must hear' session, Phill Nosworthy leads audiences to understand:

  • What 'selectivism' is and why your brand must be able to answer the question 'Beyond Making Money, Why Does This Organisation Exist?'
  • How you can leverage your team's day-to-day activities to solve social challenges
  • Why smart brands' strategies deliberately blur the lines between philanthropy and marketing and drive real results, not just reputation enhancement
  • The assets you have at your disposal now to create massive impact and lasting emotional connections with markets and communities that matter to you
  • Today, great brands know that it is neither necessary (or intelligent) to separate profit from purpose.

This session is designed to expand your team's view of what smart branding is and showcase strategies and best practice ideas for creating real and lasting impact starting today.

Client testimonials

Phill is a true professional. He is highly intuitive - cutting to the chase, capturing people’s thoughts, feelings and ideas quickly and translating those into strategic pathways for growth. His ability to simplify action and provoke reflection is second to none.

GM Golden Door Elysia

Phill has an incredible ability to create an impact across all levels of an organization. His vibrant energy, presence and provoking presentation style make him a weapon in front of audiences

Karrikins Group USA

Phill has a knack for getting inside your head and helping your realise your potential. One of today's most succinct, honest and wildly creative influencers, he has a gift for connecting people with their own ideas.

Maz Compton, Media Personality, Radio Host, MTV VJ, Author & Speaker

I've been inspired by your teachings since working with you in Munich. I still go back to my notes constantly for motivation and inspiration. Since then, I've had the privilege of meeting with and briefing Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. It was your teachings that made that possible

'R.K.' Management Lead, (Fortune 500 company)

Amazing energy which will rub off on anyone who wants to improve/change themselves

Construct Eng

Incredibly energetic & engaging – excellent presentation

Property Council