Peter Berry

Leading cultural change

Peter Berry is known as one of the most innovative and compelling presenters in business. His audiences are challenged to take on a new level of performance especially in this economic climate.

He has been voted "Speaker of the Year" on several occasions by TEC (The Executive Connection), a network of over 1,000 CEO's from across Australia and New Zealand.

Peter established his boutique consultancy firm in 1990, specialising in culture change, business planning and performance excellence.

As an Associate of the Melbourne Business School, he is both a program director for public and corporate programs held at the Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education and a key note contributor on a wide range of courses.

Peter's passion for people and culture is about creating an environment where employees are valued and emotionally engaged in the business. He has successfully worked with hundreds of public and private organisations nationally and internationally now for over 20 years specialising in people and culture through transformational change, starting with the 'end' in mind!!!

Peter's strength is in the area of Business Planning where he has taught thousands of managers who to reduce strategy to a single page. He calls this the "Northbound Train" - a one page executive summary used to provide direction and passion.

Peter is also a regular speaker for The Executive Connection, a network of more than 1300 CEO's across Australia and New Zealand and over 13,000 members worldwide. Peter has been voted speaker of the year on three occasions. Peter is an engaging, motivational and knowledgeable presenter.

Peter's client list includes major multinationals such as General Electric, Coca Cola, Nestlé and GMH. He also works with Australian icons including Qantas and Australia Post. Peter also has a broad range of government and small private sector clients. He has been a senior advisor to federal and state governments.

His latest book, "The Big Picture - 9 Steps to Business Excellence", has been described as a "fast-paced, sharp-eyed, no nonsense account of leadership and organisational effectiveness." As a thought leader, Peter inspires and captures the attention and imagination of his audience leaving them with a powerful message of 'have a go'.

Client testimonials

Wow, the best 2.5 hrs I have spent for a very long time, extremely beneficial & entertaining. Will really help me focus through the tough times. Peter certainly covered the topic thoroughly in a very well thought and presented fashion. This is the most valuable teaching I’ve had this year