Patrick Hollingworth

Outstanding leadership, teamwork and safety speaker

West Australian Patrick Hollingworth is a high-altitude mountaineer, and a sought-after expert in leadership, teamwork and safety. He worked towards his own personal goal of an unguided ascent of Mount Everest for ten years and, in 2010, after a lot of hard work and perseverance, he achieved it. Standing on the summit of the world's highest mountain reinforced his belief that the benefits of taking oneself out of one's comfort zone far outweigh the initial discomfort experienced.

Today, Patrick draws on his mountaineering and business consulting experience to deliver inspirational talks, innovative and engaging presentations, team-building workshops and leadership development programs all around the world, to audiences ranging from 10 to 10,000. His clients include Westpac, Shell, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and NAB, to name just a few.

The VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) Century is upon us, and with it comes considerable discomfort, so Patrick works with clients across the globe to help their leaders and teams get comfortable getting uncomfortable in an organisational landscape that is becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous by the day.

Regardless of whether you are a large multinational corporation or a small start-up, Patrick will give you a taste of what you need to be doing to support committed, inspired workers and to build strong, purposeful teams ready to achieve great things amidst the challenges and discomfort of the VUCA Century.

Patrick has been awarded the coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, to date awarded to fewer than 500 people worldwide. He is also a workshop designer and facilitator.

An inspirational, engaging, world-class presenter, Patrick Hollingworth has lead teams through some of the most volatile and uncertain environments on Earth - and in the boardroom. He knows leadership, teamwork and safety like few others do.

More about Patrick Hollingworth:

Patrick has more than 15 years' experience as a professional consultant to the oil and gas, mining and land development sectors in Australia and South-East Asia.

He also has two decades of mountaineering experience and has participated in 11 international expeditions, climbing in the European Alps, the Canadian Rockies, the Alaska Range, the Andes, the Karakorum and the Himalayas. He is still a keen mountaineer and continues to lead annual expeditions in the Himalayas.

After climbing Mount Everest he helped to establish a Nepali-based guiding company, Himalayan Ascent, and also established his own leadership, teamwork, engagement and safety consultancy.

Patrick Hollingworth talks about:

  • Leadership, Teamwork and Engagement in a VUCA World - In a world where technology, politics and social relationships are rapidly evolving, and where employee engagement levels are at all-time lows, the success of any leader - and their team - relies on the ability to be adaptable and embrace meaningful change. Patrick delivers a compelling visual narrative through the lens of a practical and readily implementable Nine-Step Framework.
  • Safety and Risk Management - Staying Alive in a VUCA World - How is climbing a mountain relevant to working at an LNG plant, iron ore mine or building construction site? The goal is to make it home safely at the end of each day. Patrick presents safety in a positive and entertaining way, while reinforcing the importance of discipline versus the risk of complacency.
  • I took my Black Dog up a Mountain - an Inspirational Tale - Setting out to climb the world's highest mountain is hard enough; setting out to do it as a way of learning about managing depression is something else altogether. Get a remarkable first-person perspective of the highs and lows of what it's like to climb to the summit of Mount Everest, along with an understanding of what it takes to commit to and reach a goal like this while suffering from depression. This engaging narrative includes stunning visuals captured from the highest points on earth.
  • Operation: Climb - a VUCA Simulation - Patrick takes the key narrative of the Operation: Climb leadership and teamwork workshop, and compresses it into an engaging, immersive and interactive 90-minute session that challenges the audience with the task of climbing a Himalayan giant. Drawing on real-world footage filmed on location in the Himalayas in 2012, and using a smartphone app to enable group participation, audience members will play an integral role in decisions made as they approach and reach the summit of one of the world's most technically challenging mountains.

Client testimonials

Patrick, thank you for coming in to present to our Board and staff last week. Can I say that I enjoyed your presentation, and the past week has given me the opportunity to find out what others thought – all raved about your presentation and the sheer scale of what you have achieved. It does tell us much about endurance, dreams, that any good plan can stuff up due to factors outside your control, team work and then sharing what you have achieved with others.

Territory Resources

We had terrific feedback from all our sponsors, corporate clients and members who were all enthralled with your tales of your super human effort in climbing Mt Everest. Dealing with you from the first phone call to organising the game day rotation was extremely easy and very professional. I sincerely thank you for your time and efforts as it appreciated by all at the club. I would recommend you to all who is interested in hearing from a terrific motivational speaker.

Fremantle Football Club

His story is inspirational, and his presentation was both interesting and highly entertaining. The quality of the photography and video taken on Everest is outstanding, and Pat is approachable, knowledgeable and presents in a very down-to-earth manner. His story left our team with a lasting impression of what can be achieved with detailed planning, a healthy approach to risk management and a passion to achieve your dreams. We'd strongly encourage anyone looking to hear a great Australian story to engage Pat.

Azure Capital

Patrick Hollingworth recently presented at the Energy in WA Conference Dinner. He had the 150 dinner guests in the palm of his hand as he talked about his amazing accomplishment of climbing Mt Everest. The multi media presentation to business leaders from around the state, which included The Minister for Energy and other government officials, was terrific. Watching the video footage and photos, you really felt you shared the experience with him as he achieved his goal.

Motive Conventions

As a rural consultancy business, we wanted an inspirational speaker who would take everyone’s minds off farming and the poor seasonal conditions. Patrick certainly delivered. His presentation was fascinating, the video footage and photography were breathtaking, and his modest style of delivery made his achievements even more mind-blowing. The audience was riveted by his story - it was a thought-provoking journey and evoked a lot of discussion after the event (and we all forgot about the drought for a while!).

Agvise Management Consultants

Patrick delivered two outstanding presentations to students, staff and parents at our school. While his achievement in climbing Mount Everest is significant in itself, it was the manner in which he presented this endeavour which was most notable. Patrick integrated various visual media (video, photos, Internet) into his presentation and compliments this with a well structured and absorbing narration. Numerous members of the audience later commented that it was the best speaking engagement that they had attended.

Melbourne Grammar School

Excellent, Patrick connected very quickly with our group. His story and style of presentation hit the spot for us. The challenges and the real life presentation really inspired the group. Patrick, is easy to work with, there is no huge ego here. A real person with an amazing achievement, outstanding.